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Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands Looks To Become A Summer Favorite For Kids

World's Best Toys for Kids offers top quality and safe Rainbow Loom Rubber Band refills sold via Amazon.com.

Parents and educators complain that kids spend too much time in front of gadgets and technologically driven media. While downright amusing and engaging, innovative electronic devices seemingly hook the young to habits that make them significantly lose their drive for creativity.

Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands was designed to develop children's and young adults' drive for creativity without compromising the fun. The product, designed by Choon Ng in Detroit, has boomed into a phenomenon since its inception in 2009. Considered one of the hottest toys to hit the shelves, Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands can be twisted or converted into unique bracelets, necklaces, rings and similar accessories that make great summer activites.

Once the kids run out of rubber bands, however, the hunt for refills begins. A number of shops online propose to sell product at cheap prices, but not all of them carry the signature Rainbow Loom quality. In various reviews, customers complain about Loom Rubber Band refills of low quality, being prone to breakage and "smelling like chemicals".

World's Best Toys for Kids sells top quality, silicone, latex-free Rainbow Loom Rubber Band refills that are durable enough to last. As opposed to most other rubber band refills, the product sold via Amazon.com does not easily snap at.5 mm thick and is heat resistant.

Michael Woroniecki, co-founder of World's Best Toys for Kids, explains that the product undergo strict production methods in response to the increasing customer demand for high quality loom rubber bands.

"Our process doubles our production costs and time, but it is worth the effort. I am very confident that customers will notice a big difference and their loom rubber band creations will last much longer," Mr. Woroniecki said.

Each Rainbow Loom Rubber Band consists of 1,000 pcs of rubber band in 10 crisp colors of white, yellow, turquoise, purple, black, red, pink, green, orange and blue, which are 100% compatible with all major name brand looms and accessories. It is free from BPA, Phthlates, Lead and Chromium, making it safe and friendly to kids and adults alike.

Notably, the Rainbow Loom Rubber Refill pack is the only product of its kind with a lifetime, hassle-free Replacement Guarantee.

To find out more about the Loom Rubber Band refills from World's Best Toys for Kids, please visit http://www.amazon.com/1000-Rainbow-Rubber-Bands-Refill/dp/B00G8FGRCG for information and orders.

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