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Radiotherapy After Mastectomy Surgery Can Improve Outcomes For Patients

Recent studies have shown that mastectomy surgeries may improve overall outcomes for patients suffering from breast cancer who have up to three positive lymph nodes.

According to new research presented recently, woman who engage in post-mastectomy radiotherapy who have only had their breast cancers spread to a small number of lymph nodes may find themselves with better prospects for healthier, longer lives. This information could significantly improve post-operation awareness and procedure for women of all ages who have undergone mastectomy surgery.

Paul McGail, a member of the Clinical Trial Services Unit in Oxford, expounded on these new findings, explaining that, "...this is important because most women today receive these therapies. Our results suggest that women being treated today are likely to also benefit from radiotherapy if they have any positive lymph nodes..." Tests were conducted on nearly 4,000 women over a span of 18 years.

From these trials, a body of data was collected that has allowed for ample opportunities for examination and study, resulting in the aforementioned conclusions. Although these results remain exclusive to testing subjects from which they were derived, it stands to reason that such conclusions are likely to apply to the general population as a whole, in addition to this exclusive grouping.

As breast cancer awareness continues to grow, a number of businesses have sprung up that offer a variety of products and services to women who have either recently been diagnosed with breast cancer or who have undergone mastectomy treatments. One such business, Chantilly Rose, has grown quite popular in its native UK and is rapidly concerning a burgeoning marketplace.

Libby Lloyd-Bennet, the co-owner of Chantilly Rose and the official spokeswoman of the company, discussed her organisation's commitment to assisting breast cancer survivors with the physical and emotional aspects of mastectomy surgeries and associated therapies, stating "At Chantilly Rose, we support women from all walks of life and support any decisions they make about themselves. Radiotherapy after a mastectomy surgery is a big decision, but we will always be here to support those willing to cross that bridge."

When speaking about her companies selection of products catering to mastectomy survivors, Lloyd-Bennet said, "We stock so many different mastectomy bra designs and fits that there's something for absolutely anyone. Take a look at our collection and see how you can take the first steps in to start feeling like yourself again."

Although Lloyd-Bennet's business continues to grow by leaps and bounds, she has already made a significant impression on her customers that established corporations around the world could envy.

Chantilly Rose offers post-mastectomy apparel to women of all ages in the UK and internationally through their online e-commerce platform.

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