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Radiofrequency Nerve Destruction: a New Way to Combat Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a major health problem in USA, victimizing a mighty share of the American population. Radio frequency Nerve Destruction is the new buzzword amongst doctors to help patients fight back pains effectively.

Cases of chronic back pain have been on a steady rise for quite some time now. A recent survey reveals that the rate at which this ailment is spreading amongst the US population is almost double the rate estimated a decade back. "We were actually surprised by what we found," said Dr. Timothy S. Carey, a faculty at the University of North Carolina and the lead of the survey.

It is an interesting fact that almost 31 million Americans fall prey to chronic back pain together in a given moment. But, there's a ray of new hope shining now. The doctors call it Radiofrequency Nerve Destruction - a powerful and more refined treatment procedure for back pains.

"The term 'Radiofrequency' essentially means utilizing electricity to manage pain, typically to produce heat in the affected area. Radiofrequency lesioning utilizes radiofrequency electricity to produce heat in order to melt away nerves or other tissues," says Dr. Scott Fishman, a back pain specialist.

Radiofrequency Nerve Destruction is used to treat various problem areas of the back. These include:

1.Facet joint pain, arising from injured or diseased facet joints. A patient is unable to lean forward or bend backward like a normal person does. With the help of the aforementioned technique, the nerves causing this pain in the facet joints are destructed and the patient is relieved of pain.

2 Discogenic pain, arising in the vertebral disc. Radiofrequency lesioning helps in partially de-nervating this disc, thus reducing pain.

3.Pain near the coccyx and rectum due to natural and common causes. RF lesioning can help in the reduction of such pain to a great extent.

4.Pain arising from the sympathetic nervous system. An RF interruption helps in breaking the chain. Pain is reduced subsequently.

Dr. Fishman speaks further about the technique, "It is usually a technique that is used to directly damage tissue in hopes of actually healing the tissue and relieving pain in the body. This procedure is almost always accompanied by some degree of risk. Thus, the use of this technology must be accompanied with caution and care, particularly with consideration for the long-term risks of the therapy."

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