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'Radans Agro' Offering Wide Range of Coir Products

'Radans Agro', a Chennai based company is offering a wide range of coconut products prepared from high quality coconut for leading mattress companies.

'Radans Agro', a Chennai based company is producing a wide range of quality coconut products including coir fiber, coir chips, coir bricks, coir peat moss and coir pith among others. Coir products are made up of 100 percent organic certified coir fiber. The company is the direct manufacturer of coir products and is equipped with the latest technology. Their products are very smooth.

The company is capable of handling high volumes. Due to qualified team and modem manufacturing plants Radans Agro is well known as one of the preferred Curled Coir Rope suppliers.

When contacted, a representative from the company said, "We are offering five new coir products that gives 100 percent quality, customer satisfaction and are fully organic. The coir products have high moisture retention, 700 percent water holding capacity and better ventilation." He further added, "We try to make every effort, including innovative technical ideas to formulate good relation with our client."

Coconut products are being used in a number of developed countries including Australia, United Kingdom and United States among others and their popularity is growing at a rapid pace. The products have the capacity to resist climatic conditions and bacterial and fungal infections. The company is the leading provider of coconut products to various mattresses company. All the coconut products manufactured by the company are very environment friendly and capable of providing resistivity in case of high temperature. Besides mattresses, coconut coir fibers are also used in the manufacturing of brushes, cable, wall and floor covering, carpet, rope, hats, baskets, arts, crafts, mats, filling material in pillows and natural fiber reinforced plastic.

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