Rachna Mehra MD Reveals a Pediatrician's Way to Succeed

A pediatrician's success doesn't depend on having just degree & skills. A pediatrician requires prowess in dealing with an immature, developing & tender human being, a child, says Rachna Mehra MD.

An ideal pediatrician has brilliant child handling skills. Rachna Mehra MD is very keen in understanding a child's psychology. A pediatrician handles the patient with grace, care and affection. Children, especially small kids need to feel secure with the pediatrician in order to open up themselves what their problem is. Children get panicked unknowingly when they're in health problem and this causes them to either cry or keep total silence, and not speak out their problem. This is where a pediatrician turns around the brain of that child and deals the situation. Many a times the parents also worsen the situation by stressing out on child. But a pediatrician also has the ability to calm the parents. "Many times, parents are the ones who need to be taken care of first", says Rachna Mehra MD. Parents need to know that their child is in good hands and will get out of the problem safely.

Other than the ability to handle a child's psychology and parents' stress, having a good experience is also important. "Experience and association with renowned successful other pediatricians & other doctors, hospitals and medical associations add to a pediatrician's caliber & capability", says Rachna Mehra MD. Pediatricians need to stay updated with new innovations taking place in medicines and health care products for children, and also study the trend of changes taking place in the psychology of children. For instance, various new studies have concluded that dealing with children these days has become very complex due to decreased tolerance & increased stubbornness in the children these days. No matter how children are, they have to be treated with utmost care, kindness and love. An ideal pediatrician must have specialized training in serving the physical, emotional, and behavioral needs of children.

A pediatrician takes care of a child right from the birth to growing up as an adult. So a pediatrician needs to have varied set of skills for diagnosing and treating illnesses, infections, injuries, and other health problems of baby, a small child, a grown-up child, and even a teenager.


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