Question Raises Concern Regarding African American Rosie the Riveters

Recently, the Vice Presidents failed to extend an invitation to attend a special recognition event to elderly African American Women who supported the World War II campaign by building the ships.

With the nation's first African American president in the oval office, one might assume that the country's African American population might have received a bit more attention. However, as one activist points out, a recent invite extended The San Francisco Bay Area Rosie the Riveters to meet Joe Biden in Washington, D.C. is raising some questions about equality and the attention that Caucasian Rosie the Riveters get over their African American counterparts.

Bill Says, seeks the answer to a question that bears a racial undertone, but is only asked in the interest of addressing equality - "why wasn't any of the African American Rosie the Riveters invited to recently meet Vice President Joe Biden at the White House?" This question is likely shared by surviving African American Rosie the Riveters in Marin City, who surely would have accepted the same invitation to meet Joe Biden - had it been extended.

So, why weren't any African American Rosie the Riveters invited to meet Joe Biden? According to ABC local news, "Biden said that the 'Rosies,' as they're called, are members of a remarkable generation of women. The Rosies are cultural icons, representing the women who worked in factories during World War II, often in place of men who were serving in the military." However, not one of the Marin City's three remaining African American Rosies were invited; and if Joe Biden truly feels this way about our country's Rosies, why not the African American Rosies as well? Add to this insult the fact that the Rosie the Riveters meeting the Vice President reside in a community less than 15 miles of Marin City, a predominately African American community.

Our country is extremely blessed to have three surviving Rosies who have made Main City, California, their home. Their names are Rodessa Battle, Gustavia Wilson and Annie Small. They served the country proudly as welders in pure patriotism of the United States during World War II. All three are in their early 90's, and reside in Marin City public housing.

So Mr. Biden, asking you the question, why weren't any African American Rosie the Riveters invited to meet with you in the White House?

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