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Quantum Regatta 2014 Kicks Off Busy Season In Key West

As the rest of the country continues to sit in a deep freeze, people begin to think about warm locations and Key West vacations. In response, a variety of events and activities have been planned for the next several months in Key West, Florida.

After the warm glow of the holiday season ends, most people living in North America grit their teeth and try to bear the next several months of cold, joyless winter. This year, with record low temperatures across the country, that is harder than ever to do. One place that is immune from such frosty weather is Key West, Florida, America's Caribbean getaway. A popular destination year round, it becomes especially attractive to all sorts of people the first few months of the year.

The most popular and highest regarded Key West restaurants are ready to capitalize on this influx of people that will reach its first early peak of popularity the week of January 19 through the 24 when the Quantum Regatta makes its annual appearance in the waters off of the Florida Keys. Collecting some of the greatest racers and their boats from around the world, this is one of the finest opportunities anywhere in the world to see sail powered racing at the highest level.

The excitement of the event isn't limited just to the sailing. Part of the added experience of race week, as it is known by the locals, is the opportunity to meet with many of the sailors and crew around town in any of the famous Key West restaurants and bars. The small town atmosphere and lively nightlife make for the perfect chance of spending time with people from all around the globe and share the love of sailing.

Key West, Florida is a city with a five hundred year history that has always been intimately tied to the ocean. Therefore, a Key West vacation during the Quantum Regatta is the perfect time to discover why so many people refer to this tropical paradise as "A quaint little tourist town with a sailing problem."

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