The Planning & Zoning Resource Corp

PZR the Provider of Zoning Due Diligence Services for Retail Commercial Property

PZR the Provider of Zoning Due Diligence Services for Retail Commercial Property

PZR, The Planning & Zoning Resource Corporation, is America's largest Zoning Analysis Firm and the sole provider of the PZR Zoning Report.

Retail commercial property is a broad category encompassing many different types of retail buildings and shopping centers. Below are a few types of commercial retail establishments:
• Community Retail Centers
• Lifestyle Retail Centers
• Neighborhood Retail Centers
• Outdoor Outlet Retail Centers
• Power Retail Centers
• Convenience Retail Centers
• Super Regional and Regional Centers
• Strip/Convenience Retail Centers

To operate or construct any facility like above needs zoning approval. Retail centers drive a lot of foot traffic and planning is important. Local authorities and groups are very concerned when a new "retail" chain plans on coming into the neighborhood. Zoning laws establish retail construction regulations and requirements controlling the location, construction, modification and use of structures and land within a city. PZR® provides zoning analysis for commercial retail construction projects and can help you with all issues related to zoning and zoning due diligence.

The Planning & Zoning Resource Corporation (PZR®) is America's largest Zoning Due Diligence firm that specializes in analyzing risks and providing zoning due diligence services and documents. Here are a few of PZR® 's clients involved in commercial retail projects, which we are helping:
• Law firms
• Title Companies
• Technology
• Real Estate Trusts (REIT)
• Real Estate Developers
• Owners/Managers
• Real Estate Brokers
• Lenders

About The Planning &Zoning Resource Corporation -
PZR is America's largest Zoning Advisory firm which analyzes the risk associated with commercial property transactions and provides all available Zoning Documents. Request a quick project quote or a Zoning Compliance Report (PZR Report®) which is supported by municipal documents and Land Title Survey review in an easy, cost effective and quick manner.

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