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PYT Studio: Helping Hearts And Saving Lives

PYT Studio joins the fight against heart disease! Get up and get moving at the free Open House Event, February 10, 2013 at 3:30pm.

Did the thought occur to consider a class at PYT Studio? Why not? With campaigns to reduce obesity and harness the #1 killer of women-heart disease, PYT Studio is the perfect solution.

Aerobics. Pole. More.

Since opening in April 2009, Detroit native, Niya Jackson, Owner, has continuously developed ways to keep an innovative, fresh, and effective approach to aerobics and pole. With many small businesses closing after the economy pitfall, Jackson rededicated her pledge to "provide quality services and maintain a product that no one else can supply in the industry". The instructors realize they play a vital role in the health and well-being of many women. The heart of PYT Studio consists of women that come in and enjoy their experience.

Charlene & Martin Wilson, Co-Owners, definitely appreciate the expansion to offer "T-Work" Parties promoting increased physical activity and wellness to the corporate side. The husband and wife duo admire the PYT Ladies' community presence through participation in local races and collaborative ventures with other health professionals.

In efforts to battle the bulge in Alabama, PYT Studio will host an exhibition of free aerobic and pole classes during Open House on February 10, 2013. Last year at the event, Kristy Waldon Stewart shared her diabetic testimony, "PYT Studio saved my life". Stewart joined in 2009. Her 65 pound weight loss story was featured on ABC 3340.

Still searching for benefits to attend PYT? Pole lessons actually helped a member recover from paralysis, after a bad car wreck. She had to relearn how to walk and talk. Tiffany Johnson adds, "My left side was completely paralyzed. PYT has helped with so much. It increased mobility and it boosted self-confidence. So glad to have found the studio. All the people welcomed and accepted me". Entering PYT's doors for an initial workshop, she found a new form of therapy. Tiffany fell in love with the studio. Leading her to commute 60 miles one way, several days a week to learn pole.

Vowing to get back in shape after collegiate life at Tuskegee University, Traci Renfroe, posted a 3 week progression picture on Facebook. Almost instantly, Traci received 108 likes. The full length mirrors surfacing the front and rear walls coupled with stroll, mood enhancing lights are energy boosters. The ladies follow their creative flow. Most often, the "dancing machine" always makes class extra fun.

PYT Studio takes great pride in the selectively chosen instructors. Jackson listened to the customers and built a dynamic versatile team. Lacking upper body strength didn't hinder Kristian and Samm, two of PYT's most curvaceous and full-figured pole instuctors. The ladies began as students and dedicated themselves to the craft.

Aerobic and Pole classes are influnced from around the world and across many generations. The rhythmic flow in Belly Daning with Salma is inspired from her home, Tunisia. Sherry's footwork in Zumba traces back to her grandmother's childhood Cha Cha lessons. Strong, sleek, and lean women are developed with Licensed Medical Neuromuscualr Therapist Athenna, in Stretch and Tone. With a background in Theater and Dance, Ebony adds a sultry flair to Modern Dance. Millions viewed the 2013 Superbowl Half Time Show. Professional Dancer Allison B., makes all the ladies feel like superstars in Stiletto Fit. After all, Allison B. graced the stage with Beyonce for this performance.

PYT Studio is excited to host another open house event. It is open to men and women, ages 18 and up. On Sunday, February 10, 2013 from 3:30-5:00pm, guests can expect to witness the staff's aerobic and pole skills. After aerobic demonstrations, guests can participate and "get moving" for free. Current members and staff will meet and greet new faces. In an effort to celebrate February's Go Red For Women Campaign, aerobic and pole discounts will be available.

All efforts by PYT Studio are aimed to help hearts and save lives.

For more information: PYT Studio Facebook or Twitter;; 205.444.0066; or

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