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For business to grow and customers to be serviced accordingly, it is important to work with the right partners.

For business to grow and customers to be serviced accordingly, it is important to work with the right partners.

Local industry support and networking

As a manufacturer of advanced machinery for aluminum heat treating, web converting processes and the woodworking industry, Pyradia is a member of the following provincial organisations.

Manufacturiers et exportateurs du Qubec (MEQ)

MEQ is part of Canada's largest trade and industry association advocating for manufacturers and exporters, building a more competitive business environment, providing critical & timely intelligence, strengthening leadership through best practices and leveraging networks for success.

Regroupement des quipementiers en automatisation industrielle (REAI)

REAIs key objective is to create a network of equipments manufacturers to develop a core of multidisciplinary and complementary skills related to the conception of tailored machinery and tools in order to promote production automation.

Industry experts and commercial partners

Pyradias business is divided in 3 core divisions: Industrial ovens & furnaces focussing on aluminum heat treating solution; Web converting designing tailored winding, coating equipment, web dryers and calendering systems for various converting industries; and Belfab, specializing in providing dust collecting systems to the woodworking industry.

Handling a variety of industries and international projects requires targeted and focused partners.

OMX - Aerospace cluster

OMX is a secure software platform for government contractors to manage their Canadian content. It also provides support to Canadian companies who wish to connect efficiently with large aerospace and defense companies.

Belfab distribution network

Across the United States and Canada, Belfab is teaming up with great partners and distributors representing our dust collectors and downdraft tables through their proactive sales force. The success of Belfab in 2013 and continuous turnover growth over the past years is in big part due to the quality of these partners.

Agents and clients referrals

Last but not least, thank you to agents and clients who are pushing forward Pyradia and referring our products and brands to other companies.

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