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PVC Fencing: The Secret to Maintenance-free Durability

Durable, maintenance-free fencing is a great investment but choosing can be tough. Learn how PVC fencing and vinyl fencing can give you everything you need.

PVC fencing: The secret to maintenance-free durability

If you live on the land or horses are a big part of your life you will understand the importance of having strong, durable fences. But fencing options are numerous and choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult.

PVC fencing or vinyl fencing is a maintenance-free fencing alternative to timber that is easy to install and is made in Australia from environmentally friendly components. And it's not only a great product for rural use; it's also great for commercial use and is a smart, good-looking choice for urban homeowners who want easy to install fences that don't require painting.

Here's a quick guide to the PVC fencing options you can choose from.

Timberline vinyl fencing

Timberline is created from non-toxic vinyl and looks just like freshly painted post and rail fencing.

Produced using the unique Colourcap system, the outer layer is formulated with the harsh Australian climate in mind, and reflects the sun to prevent the polymers from degrading. The strength and durability of Timberline fencing is further boosted with the use of impact modifiers throughout the inner layers. Interlocking tabs makes this type of plastic fencing simple to install, even over large farm areas, and it has a lifetime warranty.

Zappa Rail PVC fencing

Similar to a safety belt in a vehicle, Zappa Rail fencing flexes and absorbs energy when a horse kicks or crashes into it, before rebounding to its original shape.

This highly innovative electric horse fencing uses a unique tensioning system making installation quick and easy. It can be slackened off and re-tensioned anytime, and has a massive 2,000kg breaking strain. Lengths are made to order and extra insulators are not required.

Equi Rail fencing

Although Equi Rail fencing is a smaller version of the Zapper Rail, it still has a breaking strain of 800kg. Made from strong polymers that don't require wire reinforcements, this PVC fencing is a highly visible, safe choice for horses.

It is compatible with Zapper Rail fencing, and can also be adapted for semi permanent use.

Picket PVC fencing

Traditional timber picket fencing has long been a popular choice among Australian homeowners and now there's even more reason to choose this style of fencing.

Plastic picket fencing looks fantastic, comes in a variety of colours, and unlike traditional timber, it never needs painting. It's also made from 100% environmentally friendly components, and is 100% recyclable.

Horizontal slatted vinyl fencing

When it comes to residential fencing, if privacy is a priority then PVC horizontal slatted fencing should be at the top of your list. This ultra modern fencing makes an architectural statement, as well as providing a semiprivate barrier around your home. Slatted fencing comes in a wide range of fade resistant colour combinations
so you don't have to compromise on style.

Commercial maintenance-free fencing

Although vinyl fencing was originally manufactured to provide horse owners with safe, durable fencing, the benefits of environmentally friendly PVC fencing are now available in commercial products. For example, safety barriers, traffic crossing posts, handrails and fencing around public parks and gardens.

Whether you're looking for maintenance-free post and rail farm fencing to keep your animals secure on a rural property, or picket fencing to add beauty to an urban property, PVC fencing is a durable, good-looking choice.

Want to find out more?

Think Fencing has been selling PVC fencing since the late 1990s, and we are now the largest PVC fencing manufacturer in Australia. We have experienced suppliers throughout the country to help with your commercial, residential and rural fencing needs. If you're interested in PVC fencing, contact us for a supplier in your area.

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