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Purple Tiger The Energy Pill, Chosen To Be Part Of The 2012 Oscar Gift Bag

The 2012 Academy Awards & Oscars in California: Will Get a Little Purple Tiger™

Purple Tiger™ The Energy Pill, Chosen to Be Part of the 2012 Oscar Gift Bag!

The gifting bag will include Purple Tiger™ the Energy Pill lead exclusive product of Vista Health Products. Purple Tiger™ is an all natural dietary supplement designed to increase energy and metabolism resulting in amazing weight loss.

Purple Tiger™ is the lead exclusive product formulated by Naturopathic Doctors, Drs. LeBron & Corrinna Long of Summerville, GA. Vista Health Products LLC started by Dr. Corrinna Long less than three years ago is a provider of wholesale dietary supplements including vitamins and minerals and combination specialty products. They have shipped more than a million pills of Purple Tiger™ to Independent Associates throughout the United States. "I have lost all my baby fat from my pregnancies after taking Purple Tiger™ for only 5 short months. I would recommend it to anyone."-Dr. Corrinna Long

Every year a few unique entrepreneurs are invited by WOW!Creations owners Mark & Matt Harris voted number one celebrity Gift lounge in the world for product placement in the Oscar Gift Bag. Purple Tiger™ has been hand-picked this year, to be included because our clients the "Trend-setting celebrities want to find new and exciting products". The gift bag will be presented to nominees in five major categories: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress. Nominees include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer, Glenn Close and Meryl Streep.

Dr. Corrinna Long, owner, is quoted as saying "The energy boost imparted by Purple Tiger is more gentle than that of energy drinks such as Red Bull. "My husband and I are naturopathic doctors, so we formulated it to be safe." Vista Health Products launched in 2009-has become a major supplier of supplements selling Purple Tiger™ in 40 states. "I put God in the center of everything, so that makes me think of others first," Dr. Corrinna Long said.

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