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Puritii - More Than Just a Water Bottle

Puritii ensures safe drinking water from any contaminated water source worldwide. It provides 100 times more filtering power than NSF standards.

The Puritii Water Filtration System is a technological breakthrough in filtration design. It offers an effective portable solution for ensuring the purity of the water we drink from potable and non-potable sources. Three technologies come together to form the amazing Puritii Filter. It is constructed of Activated Coconut Shell Carbon, Silver-based AquaSpear Antimicrobial Technology and the patented Zeolite ZeoSleeve.

This Eco-friendly filter is superior to other carbon filters as its surface modifications take disinfectants like Chlorine, Chloramine, and Iodine out of your water. The activated coconut shell carbon absorbs a wide range of tiny organic and inorganic compounds, oxidizing agents and VOC's from drinking water improving taste and odor.

Our patented Silver-based Aquaspear is based on proven science. 100 years ago, silver was used as an antibiotic agent. Today, silver is increasingly becoming known for its anti-microbial abilities to destroy the growth of bacteria. Puritii's Silver-based AquaSpear does just that, it suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media by deactivating the enzymes when coming into direct contact.

Puritii's ZeoSleeve is a unique technology. The zeolite captures heavy metals including Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, Aluminum, some radioactive metals and other toxins. The zeolite has been etched with Micro spears that actually pierce the membranes of water borne organisms rendering them inert.

Puritii removes 99.99% of all parasites from any water source. None of the competing filters can achieve this percentage of filtration. Puritii filter removes the following from water, making it safe to drink:

- Giardia

- Cryptosporidium

- Bacteria

- Virus

- Chlorine

- Chloramine

- Iodine

- Heavy metals

- Radioactive substances

- Inorganic compounds

- Odor

Puritii bottles are not made with toxic chemicals such as BPA and Phthalate. It is an eco-friendly reusable bottle with sweatless ergonomic design which allows for easy gripping and handling. Industry leading flow rate, in excess of 9.1 mL per second, makes it easy to drink. It comes in patented double-walled stainless steel to keep your liquids hot or cold longer and flexible toxic-free plastic.

Fresh, pure water on the go without the cost and waste of bottled water or an expensive filtration system, Puritii is the way to go!

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