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Pure Dog Food Launches In Los Angeles

The Los Angeles based company provides a delivery service of a variety of top-quality, gourmet, fully-cooked, preservative and by-product free tasty meals--the absolute best dog food possible.

PURE dog food, a Los Angeles based dog food delivery service, believes in providing dog owners ease and peace of mind by conveniently providing delicious gourmet foods for dogs to enjoy at meal time, all while striving to give dogs a healthier lifestyle. With the rise in demand for organic and natural food for both humans and dogs, PURE "chefs" craft fresh, hand-made "doggy-dishes" in a variety of all-natural, organic, preservative and by-product free meals that are nutrient-packed and visually appealing. With their adorable polka dot wrapped recyclable containers and delivery service every Monday morning to your doorstep, PURE Dog Food takes meal time to the next level by serving your dog delectable bites they just can't resist!

In 2009, PURE founders Meg McEnroe and Lindsay Gores, two local dog lovers, began searching for an alternative to commercial dog food with the hopes of finding something that would not only help cure their dogs ailments, but also appeal to their pets. With nothing available in the market, Meg and Lindsay decided to take matters into their own kitchens and began making their dogs' food at home finding comfort knowing exactly what was going into their dogs' bodies. Within one month of providing their loved ones with their home-made meals, their dogs had visibly improved energy, skin, coat, and shed extra weight. Witnessing the continued success and improved lifestyle of their pets, in 2012 Meg and Lindsay wanted to share the benefits of the natural homemade diet with all dogs owners and began working with a team of culinary and veterinarian specialists to put their recipes on paper and bring PURE Dog Food to Los Angeles.

Because dogs are considered sacred family members and often times, our best friends, PURE understands the need for dog owners to provide the best life possible for them in every capacity. Like humans, the food you put into your dog's body, considerably influences your dog's quality of life. Therefore, PURE not only uses the freshest ingredients and whole grains fit for human consumption, they insist on using organic meats and farm raised fish. These ingredients are fully cooked at low temperatures and mixed by hand to ensure the richest nutrient levels to support all dogs at every stage of life.

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