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Punch TV Studio's Female Staffers Reflect on What the Iconic Figure, Ms. Ruby Dee, Meant to Women

In the early 1940s when the legendary actress, Ms. Ruby Dee, blossomed from childhood into womanhood, the roles of women were well-defined. Comprising approximately 50% of American's total population, less than 20% of women participated in the labor

While a number of women have negotiated such enormous change, we, the women of Punch TV Studios were particularly inspired by the model and life of Ms. Ruby Dee, wife; mother; grandmother; civil rights activist; stage, T.V., and film actress extraordinaire; humanitarian; Emmy, Golden Globe, and other award winner; and recipient and grantor of the joys of life.

"While Ms. Ruby Dee is a role model for women in so many ways, her life also demonstrated that we, as women, can sustain marriages and gift our children and grandchildren with the benefits of two parent homes while sustaining a career," says Ms. Rachel Ramos, a Punch TV senior executive working directly with Punch TV 's CEO / President, Mr. Joseph Collins.

"Based upon her 50th anniversary autobiography, this exceptional woman understood that a healthy marriage is not based upon property rights, but upon two persons exercising free will and choosing to build a life together," states Dr. Shartriya Collier, host of the Punch TV show, "Is That a Fact?"

"I was directly motivated by Ruby Dee's example," says Punch TV's marketing researcher, Dr. Betty Burston. "The image of Mr. Ossie Davis and Ms. Ruby Dee marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. during the March on Washington literally triggered me to burst through the shackles of my southern upbringing and join the sit-ins under the leadership of Mr. John Lewis who was then the Leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee!"

On behalf of not only the women of Punch TV Studios, but all women of the world, we applaud the legacy of Ms. Ruby Dee as we say farewell to her now resting spirit.

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