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Puff Indoors To Launch E-Cigarettes With Variable Voltage and Wattage in May 2014

UK-based Puff Indoors will soon begin selling a new line-up of 'e-cigs' that offer variable voltage and wattage settings.

Recently, the UK-based e-cigarette distributor Puff Indoors announced that they would soon begin selling variable voltage/wattage 'e-cig' products to interested customers. This is one of several developments in an industry in which it seems that the pace of evolution and change far overshadows that which is seen in the majority of other manufactured products. Although the electronic cigarette market has weathered its fair share of turmoil and controversy over the last several months, the overwhelmingly positive consumer sentiment supporting these products has led many companies to push ahead with plans to create, distribute and sell electronic cigarettes.

Essentially, variable voltage / variable wattage e-cigs can give the user more power to customise taste, throat hit and vapour during their smoking experience. Some combinations may produce 'rich' flavours and a 'full-bodied' throat hit, while others may leave customers in the mood to "crank it up a bit" in any of the aforementioned categories.

Variable voltage electronic cigarettes make it possible to change the voltage of your device in order to create ideal vapour production, flavour and throat hit that many individuals who use these products are passionate about finding.

Glenn Blore recently spoke about Puff Indoors' newest strategies, stating, "We are always looking for the next best thing for our customers, and we will soon be introducing a new range of e-cigs and "MOD's" for your current e-cig products. Balancing product development and a position at the forefront of design and functionality is a tough process, but I am confident that we now have a great, reliable range of products for our customers.

Although e-cigarettes are proving to be immensely popular among customers from around the world, speculation is still rampant as to if/when these products will overtake traditional cigarettes in the race to corner the highly lucrative market for smoking products that exists on virtually every continent. Judging by the recent success that Puff Indoors has enjoyed, it stands to reason that this electronic cigarette distributor will remain a fiercely competitive enterprise within this fascinating industry. Customers interested in purchasing electronic cigarettes, replacement parts or refills can do so at www.puffindoors.co.uk. From here, potential customers can browse Puff Indoors' complete collection of products and find an electronic cigarette that matches their needs and expectations. Additionally, customers who are new to the world of electronic cigarettes can find additional information about these products here.

Puff Indoors offers electronic cigarettes and accessories to smokers in the UK.

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