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Pudge Brothers Pizza Falsely Brings On Individuals to Represent the Pudge Brothers Franchise

An individual falsely representing the Pudge Brothers Franchise abandoned his vehicle to deliver pizzas while parking illegally, blocking a city fire hydrant and a private unlit drive-way causing a collision between the resident of the home and the m

On Friday, April 20th at approximately 8:30PM at a residential location, an individual falsely representing the Pudge Brothers Franchise abandoned his vehicle to deliver pizzas while parking illegally, blocking a city fire hydrant and a private unlit drive-way causing a collision between the resident of the home and the mis-represented Pudge Brothers employee. The individual was falsely representing the Pudge Brothers Franchise located on 8000 East Quincy Avenue Denver, CO 80237

A residential vehicle was parked in a private drive-way on April 20th at 8:30PM. At approximately 8:25PM, the resident and owner of the vehicle approached the car visually acknowledging that there was no one parked behind the vehicle. Upon entering the vehicle, the resident sat for several minutes, placing her items behind the seat and administering other tasks prior to leaving the resident's drive-way. After several minutes, the individual turned on the vehicle and lights, looked behind on both sides and proceeded to reverse. It was no longer than 2-3 seconds when a loud crunch was heard. Immediately departing the vehicle the driver witnessed a small Subaru parked directly behind the car, turned off, no hazards and no individual within the vehicle, blocking more than 3/4 of the private drive-way, a fire hydrant, and part of the neighbor's drive-way in the pitch-black of night. The driver looked around and saw a man delivering a pizza at the neighbor's resident. The driver immediately called up an observer , called security and the police. When the driver asked the man why he was blocking the drive-way, he claimed he was delivering pizza for Pudge Brothers. Immediately the driver began taking pictures of the incident and exchanging information. The Advanced Security representative came within 15 minutes of the call and proceeded to speak to this individual in the presence of the driver and the observer. All individuals soon learned that the man delivering the pizzas was NOT an employee of Pudge Brothers, but was delivering pizzas on their behalf falsely representing the franchise. He divulged that he was working for a man named Peter at Pudge Brothers on Quincy Ave in Colorado. The Security Representative immediately called Peter, who immediately became irate and would not offer any information on his establishment, which was defined as his role as owner within the franchise. The Advanced Security Representative advised that there is some illegal activity occurring within the establishment and with the pizza delivery representative. The "Pizza Delivery Representative" immediately began to communicate with Peter via his personal cell phone in another language while being scolded to not divulge any information to the eye witnesses. Peter, the owner of the Pudge Brothers Franchise on Quincy Ave, was irate at his driver for blocking the drive-way and causing this incident. Peter could be heard scolding and screaming at the man through the phone. The Advanced Security representative has relayed 100% support for the residential driver on this fight as he clearly said that the incident was unavoidable in the dark of night with a man illegally representing the establishment. Clearly the Security representative stated that he would like to make this wrong, right and has written a statement defining all he witnessed on April 20, 2012 in support of the resident of the drive-way.

The driver and observer continued to take additional pictures of the scene displaying the illegal parked vehicle of the individual falsely representing the Pudge Brother Franchise. The residential driver has been noted as being incredibly shaken up after this event while being 7 months pregnant. She has not experienced such stress in her entire pregnancy until this incident. The driver has been noted as inconsolable that this man felt he could illegally represent a company, and take no ownership of his actions. She has stated that it has been extremely detrimental. She reached out to Peter the owner at the Pudge Brothers location. He would not release any information. The individual that answered the call when the residential driver reached out, was adamant to NOT provide any information. When asked if this was 'Peter' the individual became extremely irate while on the phone. The driver came to the realization that it was Peter the owner, as the incident was all to familiar to what occurred on the Friday night in question. The residential driver has had reoccurring nightmares that Peter the owner, has access to her home address and would inflict harm upon her and her family due to his uncontrollable anger while requesting information on the phone. The driver has explained that this incident has been nothing less than frightening.

Aleksandr Kurtser is the General Manager of the Colorado Pudge Brother locations and originally stated that he would cooperate by opening an internal investigation of the incident to determine why Pudge Brothers is allowing individuals to falsely represent the franchise and perform illegal activity causing damage. Upon request to the internal investigation, Aleksandr Kurtser has refused to respond to phone calls, emails and messages. Later it was noted and observed that the same individual representing the Pudge Brothers on Quincy Ave. had been seen delivering pizzas to the same neighborhood and parking illegally in residential drive-ways blocking the residents' vehicles. Clearly there has been no punishable repercussions for the incident that took place on April 20th and the actions that continue to take place by the Pudge Brothers' Franchise. The Pudge Brothers that was directly involved is at the following location:
8000 East Quincy Avenue Denver, CO 80237
The General Manager of the Pudge Brothers location that has refused to comment or return any calls or requests is as follows:
Aleksandr Kurtser

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