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Publishers Can Maximize Their Ad Selling Performance with DJAX SSP Plugin

dJAX SSP can be integrated into any ad exchange and still be connected to other ad exchanges, enabling all marketers across all ad exchanges to bid for the publishers ad space to maximise revenues in a fast and efficient automated manner.

dJAX SSP Plugin automates selling of advertising inventory for Publishers and by using RTB (Real Time Bidding) ensures steady flow of revenue for Publishers by getting maximum prices for their ad impressions. It provide a platform for the Publishers to exhibit their ad Inventory to various ad exchanges and ad networks at the same time, giving them access to demands as to who would want to buy their inventory and also telling them the worth of the buyers.

dJAX SSP plugin is built towards meeting all of the publisher needs in selling his digital media, such as:

A. Connecting with digital markets - integration with various ad exchanges that exposes the publishers's ad inventory to all worthy marketers

B. Optimizing yields - complete optimization to maximize yields for a long time

C. Programmatic Buying and Selling - Support to direct transparent sales through RTB

Why dJAX SSP Plugin?

It is easy, it is fast, it is accurate, it is efficient and it is cost- effective.

dJAX plugin works out all the rules of the publishers - what to sell, sell to whom and sell to how much using recent optimization advancements such as 'Real Time Bidding' And 'Programmatic Selling'. The system allows publishers to connect their inventory to multiple ad exchanges through real time auctions, opening up maximum possibilities of wide range of buyers to purchase their online ad space, choose the best bidder and thus earn the maximum rates. The entire process of selling ad impressions at premium rates is automated, hence the word 'Programmatic Trading'. dJAX also ensures long term yield optimization getting the publishers more predictable and stable income.

Marketers normally bid using pre-filters before purchasing ad inventory, so publishers are guaranteed with higher CPMs increasing revenues. Also the publishers and advertisers set their own rules for their trading through a common gateway here, hence the demands and specifications of each side are made clear to the other. Setting up OpenRTB once, cuts down the costs involved in making other new connections, making it more cost-efficient.

Technical Info

a. Supports all ad formats on Display, Video and Mobile platforms, based on those integrated in to the Ad Exchange

b. Connects Multiple RTB Buyers into Ad Server

c. Plugin follows IAB open RTB standard version 2.1

d. Support RTB bidding methodology with First Bid Auction / Second Bid Auction

e. Synchronizes between Ad server and RTB Buyers with win notification

f. Separate report pages for tracking requests and responses between Ad Server and RTB Buyers

g. Supports various IAB OBJECTS

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