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Published Author For Educational Books Debuts His First Emotion-Laced Novel

"…sometimes the acutest of agonies are difficult to find expression in the given vocabulary: words fail but pain prevails." Quote from 'Some Mistakes Have No Pardon', a Novel by Girdhar Joshi, Page 317

Author of published educational books for higher education launches his debut novel 'Some Mistakes Have No Pardon' - an emotion filled story of a young man before destiny catapulted him to be a monk. Therefore, this is a story of a monk who was not a monk long back. He was a charming boy who, despite of a deprived childhood, grows to riches and achieves professional excellence by his grit and hard work. But before he realizes the designs of destiny, he finds himself struggling to find love, peace, and happiness; and ends up in losing relations after relations amidst the compelling pressures of profession, passion, and maladjustment of life.

What made him to metamorphose into a life of a monk? And, was he happy being one? The story finely unravels the maze and finds answers.

Two important points are highlighted on the pages of this book: one - how a boy with a deprived childhood that blossomed and bloomed because of other's favours, could still create riches and achieve literary enlightenment by his seer grit, hard work, and perseverance - the rags-to-riches story. And, two - how strains of wretched and ill-managed relations could undo every achievement pushed him down into the nadir of disgrace and eventually brink of extinction - the riches-to-ashes story. These two ends, two central themes in this story are woven in through the warp and weft of incidences.

Girdhar Joshi is engaged in software consulting business and has authored 'Management Information Systems' and 'IT for Retail' for the students of business management, published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi. He can be accessed at girdhar.joshi@gmail.com, and girdharjoshi.wordpress.com.

The book is available through all leading online books stores.

Some Mistakes have No Pardon, ISBN 9789384318178
(also available in eBook format)

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