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PTIPRINT Makes Reporting a Breeze

Food safety auditors impressed with speed and ease of traceability detail

PTIPRINT, developed by CAIRNSTACK Software, provides farmers and distributors the reports required by food safety auditors with the information needed for the audit within seconds.

While food safety audits can be cumbersome without such advanced technology, organic certifications are held to an even higher standard. Ryan Kinnison, Director of Operations at Circle Fresh Farms, attests to the rigorous standards of Organic Certification and food safety and how easy it is to show traceability reports.

"Our organic certification audit went so well because within a couple minutes we were able to pull reports for the auditor that were timely, specific, efficient and detailed and that is exactly what they wanted to see," Kinnison says.

PTIPRINT has a built-in report for every type of audit plus many more helpful reports.

"We were asked to trace back a few lots by the USDA for Country of Origin, and we were able to quickly and easily generate the report from PTIPRINT," said Tom Glenos, owner of Kids Choice Fresh Produce.

This platform allows farmers and distributors to quickly get through audits and get back to what is important, farming, managing their business and providing us with the food we need.

"PTIPRINT is not just Produce Traceability Initiative compliance and labeling," says company president Reid Hanson, "Our farmers are using the PTIPRINT platform for traceability, logging, planning and sales order management and the feedback we have been receiving from farmer about their success during their audits is phenomenal."

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