PSD to Joomla - Asahi Technologies Launches Custom Modules For Joomla

The open source CMS Joomla that gets downloaded more than 1 million times per month according to researches, would be able to serve businesses in an enhanced method by adding new custom modules to the CMS by Asahi Technologies.

One of the popular e-commerce open source Content Management System, Joomla, written entirely in PHP scripting language has been a great choice not only amongst the web developers, who deal with PSD to HTML conversions and PSD to Joomla Conversion, but also amongst the online entrepreneurs , who derive huge revenue after sales.

After the tremendous progress these web portals have shown in driving profits for the online business owners over the past decades, the demand for such portals have grown immensely both amongst the buyers as well as amongst online business owners. However, although myriads of tools are available in the market to create customized and effective web portals, yet experts and developers prefer only a few selective ones to create an efficient and effective eBusiness Content Management System. Amongst them, one is Joomla, which according to a research, is downloaded more than a million of times in every one month.

Hence, a New York based Web solution providing firm, Asahi Technologies has announced to launch certain custom modules for the Joomla platform, so that it can create perfect, more engaging web portals for the eCommerce industry. According to an official of the organization, Joomla is the most cost efficient, updated, stable and customizable CMS, providing the most advanced functionalities. Hence leading companies of the world like, Citibank, MTV, etc. have used the platform for developing their eCommerce CMS sites. The source added that the addition of the custom modules would be a landmark for the platform while assisting businesses across the New York City to adjust themselves with new and developing web technologies.

Vinod Subbaiah, the CEO of Asahi Technologies, who himself had been an eCommerce CMS developer in the past said that, Joomla has emerged as one of the most popular CMS amongst the developers and website owners due to its powerful security structure. He added that most of the HTML websites generally become the victim of malicious content that increases its security risks, but as Joomla is purely written using PHP and MySQL codes, it becomes simpler to recognize and eliminate malware, that Joomla community and forums updates from time to time. He also said that as Joomla is used by more than millions of websites across the globe, the addition of the new custom module would definitely prove to be helpful for the business to gain a competitive advantage.


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