Proven Kelowna SEO & Social Marketing Services Offered At Affordable Packages By is a search engine optimisation and search engine marketing company that guarantees affordable and effective SEO services to clients in British Columbia, Canada.

Needless to say, backlinks, also known as inbound links or IBLs, can effectively indicate the popularity or overall value of a website. Backlinks are significantly associated with search engine optimisation, because Google and other search engines give more credit to websites with a great number of quality backlinks, not to mention consider these sites to be more relevant in their results pages. promises to deliver effective SEO services at affordable rates. This Kelowna SEO and Kelowna search engine marketing company specialises in backlinking campaigns that can boost the rankings of a website in the search engines.

Based in the City of Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada, is founded and headed by Konrad Braun, who is known for his outstanding service in the Kelowna social marketing industry.

Brad Jenks from Prince George, British Columbia, attests to's reliability: "Konrad totally over delivered on the backlinks. I got tons more than what I paid for. I got everything I was promised. Thanks Konrad, for a job well done. I'll be using your service again.

As part of its affordable SEO services, offers more than 25 backlinks a day to a website every single day of the month -- month after month. Through this Kelowna SEO & Social Marketing agency, websites can also avail of a package offering of 2,000 to 6,000 instant verified profile backlinks within 36 hours.

Mr. Braun also maintains a blog integrated at There, he tackles the many facets of SEO and other tools to make every business work online. As a bonus, the website comes with free SEO tools such as a Domain Indexer and Bookmark Poster. New tools are added regularly by to assist online marketers and website owners. The website also offers visitors free SEO tips to visitors by simply providing their name and e-mail address.

Whether you are looking to promote your website through our internet marketing services, or just want to learn more about SEO, visit and find out everything you need to know.


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