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We are proud to announce that you are a step closer to making money online with the efforts of Wealthy Affiliate. Discover what makes the Wealthy Affiliate University stand out as a leader in online business training.

We are proud to announce that you are a step closer to making money online with the efforts of Wealthy Affiliate University , designed to teach people how to make money online through Internet marketing. You can now learn how to make money, how Internet marketing works and what the benefits of being an affiliate are.

Making money online is commonly talked about. However, there are a lot of misconceptions as to how it actually works. Rest assured there are many people who are making money through Internet marketing.

A 26 year old, James Doro, has been an active online marketer for about two years. Many "gurus" of online marketing had taken advantage of him, but now he has finally started his own online business, as an affiliate marketer, after utilizing the skills taught by the Wealthy Affiliate University. Outside of an online business James is a full time pilot and flies for an aerial mapping company. James has worked hard to learn how to make money online, and now he shows others the resources that he used to make it possible.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a place where you can learn the skills needed to make money online. Let us give you a good example. The easiest way is to become an affiliate of a company, and promote their products and services, and when a sale is made through your website you get a commission for it. The more you sell the more money you make: this whole process is called internet marketing. It is completely legal and it takes little effort, once established, to make money.

The Wealthy Affiliate University was established by Internet Marketers Kyle and Carson in 2005. It now has more than 1,000 active members. James has been a member for two years now, and it has taught him what he needed to know in order to have a successful online business. It teaches you about article marketing, pay per click marketing, SEO, email marketing and much more. There is no guarantee about how much money you can make, but if you follow the guidance and apply what you have been taught then there is no reason you cannot see success with your own online business. Here is a full Wealthy Affiliate University Review.

Members can contact the founders of the site at any time, and ask for help. They are online often and they are real people. By following the guidance found here within 30 days you can get started in internet marketing and I have your own campaign up and running using the Wealthy Affiliate University.

When you signup at Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to a 30 day success club to he.p you get started with Internet marketing. You get web hosting, a training area, live chat, tools and resources menu, forum, FAQs and all kinds of other help.

A common question that most people ask is which area or niche they should choose to promote. To make things simpler, I will help you choose a niche, find ten keywords for your first article, the right .com keyword rich domain, find a product to promote and will do one-on-one chat with you so that you can get started on the right foot with Internet marketing.

Simply visit Wealthy Affiliate University and sign up to Wealthy Affiliate then send me a personal message: my username is James Doro. Send me a list of five things that you are most interested in and I'll be happy to help you by offering the above as a Wealthy Affiliate Bonus. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate University and online marketing, please visit

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