Proteine Dieet Get New Flavors with the Introduction of New Tasty Selections from Prodivita

Prodivita Netherlands, a notable manufacturer and supplier of high-protein and low-carb diet products, expands its menu with delicious new products

People from all over the globe who struggle with weight loss are no stranger to ineffective diets. Usually, dieters manage to stick with the eating plan for a few days, weeks or months, and then backslide or give up completely on it. In most cases, such diets are either not practical enough to motivate people, or simply fail to drive commitment.

The dietary protein or proteine dieet of Prodivita - a leading European slimming specialist, manufacturer and seller - is based on the exclusion of carbohydrates or sugars and lipids or fats. The high quality protein and low calorie content of the Prodivita food products ensure a rapid decrease of fat, without causing hunger or fatigue.

Unlike most other diets, the Prodivita Protein Dieet is medically justified to be completely natural in offering balanced protein content, without the usual yo-yo effect. In fact, the principles behind the diet have been applied by professional dieticians for three decades and counting.

The Prodivita diet has gained legions of followers who attest to the effectiveness of the eating plan. Ingmar G. from Flushing, the Netherlands talks about Prodivita success: "Along with the Prodivita diet, I started to exercise and walk every day for at least half an hour. I like it because Prodivita lets me eat delicious food and I don't immediately gain more pounds."

On the average, the Prodivita protein diet costs about €2.13 per meal, making not only an effective diet plan, but an affordable one as well. showcases the tasty selection of protein biscuits, bread and toast, chili and couscous, cereal, desserts, porridge, omelets, pancakes, purees, nuggets, bars and soups - which make protein dieting is all too easy.

Always seeking to satisfy dieters, Prodivita introduces new high-protein products and supplements to its menu. Customers can now enjoy more options with the new fat burners from Prodivita, as well as delicious protein spreadable cheese and protein ice cream.

To learn more about the Prodivita protein dieet and the newest products that make up delicious dieting, please visit for more information.

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