Proteine Dieet Belgian Website,, Sweetens High Protein, Low Carb Products With Stevia, a manufacturer and seller of high protein and low carb diets in Belgium, becomes the first European webshop to supply products sweetened with Stevia through its website

With obesity and weight issues reaching alarming rates globally, the need to find the appropriate diet plan has become more important than ever. Protein diets, for example, are notable for their effectiveness, but not every product can be trusted to deliver weight loss results.

Prodivita is a company based in Belgium that is renowned in Europe for manufacturing and selling high-protein, as well as low-carbohydrate powder-based diet products in online and through dietitians and other weight loss professionals. Detailed at, the Prodivita Proteine Dieet features a variety of high-protein products including ready-made bread and toast, omelettes, biscuits, conflakes, porridge, nuggets, bars, soups, pancakes, desserts, pastas and drinks. Protein diet supplements are also available on the webshop.

Constantly expanding its portfolio of protein diet products, carries products sweetened with Stevia. The Belgium-based has pioneered distribution of Stevia-sweetened products in Europe beginning February 21, 2012. In particular, the online shop offers Protein juice and Protein Plain Cheese Exotic Fruit Dessert sweetened with Stevia. relates that the Prodivita Proteine Dieet results provide fast but sustained weight loss; lowered Body Mass Index; lowered blood pressure and cholesterol; reduced snoring and apnea related to obesity and improved insulin response in Type 2 diabetes. According to the website, the benefits of the Proteine Dieet include the loss of fat without hunger, loss of muscle mass, fatigue and yo-yo effect. Being completely natural, the high protein diet products from are recommended by doctors.

In particular, the Prodivita Proteine Dieet is based on the exclusion of carbohydrates or sugars and fats or lipids. High-protein and low-calorie content in food intake ensures a rapid decrease in fat, without hunger or fatigue. endorses a diet that is known for promoting distinctively high protein content. explains that the Prodivita Proteine Dieet consists of four successive phases. The fastest results are achieved in Stage 1, during which 70% of the accomplishment is noticeable. In phase 2, the user sees that 15% more is completed, while a further 7.5% is reached in each of Phases 3 and 4. Whether dieters are struggling to lose 3, 5, 8, 10 or 20 pounds or more to lose weight, the Proteine Dieet is able provide the healthy, tasty and cheap slimming products they need.

People seeking the food protein diet that provides a rapid decrease in fat without hunger should check out and discover a different kind of sweetness in the newly introduced products with Stevia.


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