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Protecting Your Investments Is Key To Surviving The Great Recession, Says 'Your Personal Financial Mentor'

Read "A Short Guide To Understanding The Causes And Effects Of the Great Recession" at www.kscripts.com. Financial advisor Eugene Mazarov offers a new take on on investing after the meltdown.

Understanding the causes and effects of the Great Recession will help investors make better decisions to protect their investments, according to a report by personal financial advisor Eugene Mazarov. "A Short Guide To Understanding The Causes And Effects Of The Great Recession" is now available free, courtesy of Your Personal Financial Mentor, "A Financial Guide For Smart People," found online at www.kscripts.com.

"With the recent global recessions, business and industry seems to be sitting in the dark, with no real sense of a positive future," said financial advisor Eugene Masarov, founder and editor of Your Personal Financial Mentor. "We're still dealing with the corporate financial meltdown, along with severe troubles in the real estate, credit and insurance industries; the average man also faced losses in precious metals, oil and stock markets. But with the lessons we learn from studying the Great Recession, we can begin to make better financial decisions."

The free guide is available at http://kscripts.com/general/a-short-guide-to-understanding-the-causes-and-effects-of-the-great-recession.html

Filled with thorough reporting and detailed analysis on stock market, real estate and other forms of investing, Your Personal Financial Mentor is a website and blog filled with "How To" articles offering investors advice on the best methods to grow their investments safely and securely written by Mazarov, an economics scholar based in Yalta, Ukraine. To help people make sound financial decisions, he offers customized advice based on specific questions asked on his blog.

"With so much of jargon to deal with, how will an average person decide where to invest? A personal financial mentor carries the burden of helping people make just the right decisions when the time comes," said Mazarov. "But good financial advice can be expensive. I want to help, so I welcome people to contact me on my blog with their personal financial questions, I'll reply with free, detailed advice. The website is an excellent source of high-quality content for anyone who wants to learn more about finances, credit, the stock market, insurance and other investments."

Mazarov is a graduate of Kharkov National University in Ukraine, where he studied international economic relationships. One of the top institutions of higher learning in Ukraine, the university was named after V.N. Karazin, a very influential figure in the history of the country.

His article topics are interesting and varied, and balance complex economic theory with down-to-earth explanations and advice on how to better manage one's personal finances. New articles are added daily and visitors to the site can search the archives to find articles on whatever topic they're seeking.

Those who want to easily keep up with Mazarov's latest financial and investment advice may sign up to receive regular updates via RSS alerting them to new content. Also, Mazarov invites questions and suggestions on content. Follow him on Twitter, Google+, or contact him directly at mazaroveugene@gmail.com.

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