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Protect Your Brand, Marketing Efforts, and Customers with Crest Financial

Have you stopped to think what happens to your customer after a financed sale is complete? Crest Financial pledges to protect their merchants and proves the benefits of partnering.

As other finance companies are changing paths, Crest Financial pledges to maintain brand integrity, protect customers and increase success of partnered retailers.

The cost of offering financing for your customers can no longer be measured in dollars or percent. Retailer nationwide now have to choose: select the right finance partner or irreparably damage your brand and lose the future purchasing power of your customers to rental financiers.

Crest Financial makes this decision easy by providing brand security, marketing support, and an increased customer base through unique marketing relationships. Independently owned, Crest has no conflict of interest when providing customer financing or assisting with remarketing to your existing database.

Loyalty is Contagious:
Crest Financial is loyal to your brand. With no rental locations or distribution centers, online or brick-and-mortar, Crest is dedicated to remarketing your customers directly back to your store.

In a letter recently released, Director of Merchant Support Michael Baker reminded Crest's retailers: "As partners, we are invested in your success. The majority of our marketing budget is allotted to remarketing to your customers on your behalf through direct mail, email, and even phone communications."

Merchants enjoy peace of mind knowing that Crest is dedicated to increasing sales of their merchant clients while providing exceptional customer service to all parties. Merchants also recognize the credibility that Crest Financial has built; with thousands of satisfied customers since 2005, they know that partnering with Crest means more sales and more customers. Newly enrolled retailers, ranging from single-store locations to top 100, accredit their enrollment with Crest Financial to Crest's innovative remarketing plan.

Augment Your Marketing:
Crest Financial is dedicated to helping retailers increase sales. Crest goes above and beyond the average finance company through offering their unique remarketing services. Matt Dishman, National VP of Sales & Marketing, said in a statement, "Crest Financial recognizes the value of your brand and pledges to protect it. Crest is unique in it's industry as it has fully integrated it's customer-friendly marketing messages with partners through a variety of mediums including print, video, direct mail, in-store, and social media advertising."

Simultaneously, Crest announced the rollout of an updated customer application. Simplified to nine fields, the application provides a friendlier in-store or online customer experience. View the updated application here:

Crest's Merchant Support staff adds e-commerce integration, website graphic support, and direct retailer applications to its list of services provided free of charge.

Founded in 2005, Crest Financial provides lease-to-own programs to its retailers throughout the United States in furniture, appliances, electronics, jewelry, and various other industries. Crest Financial assists with customers' lease/purchases with no credit need and an industry leading $5,000 maximum customer approval. As part of their Build Good Credit with Crest campaign, Crest proudly reports customer payments to a Credit Bureau. To enroll, please contact
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