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Protect and Play for Educators, Caregivers and More

Protect & Play is a child-friendly, protective, and organizational apron for educators and others that protects the wearer and also provides swift access to the needed items.

Educators, when working with children, would you like to be able to protect your clothing and also have all the supplies needed readily at hand? The Protect & Play is a thoughtfully designed wearable apron for parents, educators, and caregivers of preschool age children. It provides a place in which to store necessary items when caring for a child such as first aid supplies or various other items.

This is an attractive apron, specially designed to aid in promoting sensory development, math skills, alphabet recognition, and fine motor skills. The Protect & Play is all overlayed in a removable, protective plastic covering to shield the wearer during a busy day. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Protect & Play.

The Patented Protect & Play was invented by Maureen Smith of Avenel, NJ, who said, "Similar in appearance to a loose fitting sleeveless T-shirt or tank top, the Protect & Play is slipped over the head and fastened at the waist with convenient ties on each side. It has a Velcro® sealed medical supply pocket; a series of movable, touchable, variously colored shapes which are displayed across two rows of Velcro®; a buttoning device; and a ribbon featuring brightly colored letters and numbers. Just below these playful, educational displays is an elongated open top pocket divided into two sections, which house a variety of necessities when caring for and educating young children. Playful, child friendly designs such as butterflies, hand or foot prints, adorn the front of this pocket."

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