Proprietary Green Coffee Bean Extract Hits Amazon for Holiday Season

Superior Labs llc, a leading manufacturer of health supplements in the United States, introduces the new product Lean Worx, an all-natural fat burner consisting of a proprietary blend of green coffee bean extract now available on Amazon.

Coffee, one of the most popularly liked and consumed beverages across the globe, is known to contain natural antioxidants that are generally good for health. Studies have shown coffee to help the body defend itself against illnesses, reduce fat, regulate blood glucose and aid in weight loss. However, roasted coffee - which is arguably the most popularly consumed kind - lacks the essential compound for weight loss.

Lean Worx fat burner is a 100% all natural green coffee bean extract manufactured in the United States by Superior Labs llc, the company behind Test Worx which became a certified hit among customers only within 8 months of launch on Amazon.

Continuing the legacy of all natural and effective products for health and wellness, Lean Worx offers a very powerful dose of 1,600 mg of pure green coffee bean per serving for a potent natural fat burner. The product is on sale at to reach more customers after successful sales in local Southern California.

Lean Worx consists of chlorogenic acid - which aids in glucose and fat metabolism - that is only present and active in raw and uncooked or heated coffee beans. Because its primary ingredient is neither cooked nor heated, LeanWorx retains the effective properties of weight loss.

The effectiveness of pure green coffee bean extract was proven in a study conducted and reported in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy Journal in 2012. Randomized, double-blinded and placebo-controlled, the 5-month study focused on evaluating the effects of Green Coffee Extract on 16 overweight adults after receiving high and low dosages of GCA, a placebo in six-week treatment periods, and a 2-week washout period to reduce the effects of the next treatment.

Results showed significant reduction in body mass index and percent body fat, as well as a small decrease in heart rate. Notably, BMI for the six subjects shifted from pre-obesity to the normal weight range.

To learn more about the Lean Worx fat burner from Superior Labs, please visit for information.


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