ProForm Announces Its "Countdown to Christmas" Sale

Invest in your health and purchase a top-rated treadmill at Proform. Purchase sports and fitness treadmills today and get free shipping!

Invest in your health and purchase a top-rated treadmill at Proform. Purchase sports and fitness treadmills today and get free shipping!

ProForm is a leader in treadmills. They has been effective when it comes to revolutionizing the elliptical and treadmill industries. With cutting-edge advancements such as the fold-away SpaceSaver design and high-tech cushioning features, they've made consumers rethink the way we work out every day.

Today, they continue to introduce treadmills and ellipticals that are both innovative and high-quality devices. Fitness enthusiasts from all over the globe turn to ProForm for their complete line of weight benches, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, treadmills and much more. They sell workout equipment that was designed to give you the most effective workouts possible.

Countdown to Christmas Sale

ProForm recently announced their Countdown to Christmas Sale, which includes some great holiday deals on both treadmills and elliptical trainers.

ProForm™ Power 995c Treadmill

The innovative technology of the ProForm™ Power 995c Treadmill gives it powerful features that include both style and comfort. It delivers everything you need to achieve an effective workout. There are 30 apps built into the treadmill that were designed by a Certified Personal Trainer. These apps provide you with a variety, which helps to keep your workout routines from becoming boring. Such features as the incline controls and QuickSpeed give you the ability have flexible routines that can be adjusted to meet the needs of each training session. The console is iFit® Compatible, giving your workouts a interactive appeal.

Pro-Form® Power 1080i Treadmill

The Pro-Form® Power 1080i Treadmill helps you get through your workout with ease. It comes with the innovative iFit® Technology that's built into the treadmill to create a personalized, interactive training experience. This treadmill features QuickSpeed® Controls that allow you to add even more intensity to any workout routine using a simple touch-button. It also helps you get better results through a balanced workout provided by its Quick Decline™ Controls. This treadmill features 32 different apps and an easy lift feature provided by the SpaceSaver design.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is one of the most innovative tools on the market. It works as 2-machines-in-1, including a low-impact cardio trainer and a total-body toning machine. This hybrid trainer offers the benefits of both an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike. It offers a variety of workouts, while providing you with comfort during your training. This training equipment offers you:

· A total-body training session

· Adjustable, oversized pedals for more comfortable workouts

· Arms designed for effective upper-body workouts

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer comes with a seat that was designed more like a comfortable chair. This helps you to remain comfortable during your exercise bike training. The pedals can be adjusted to accommodate both a bike position, or an elliptical position. And, the console also adjusts. This makes it easier to monitor the progress of your workout on the large, built-in LCD window, whether you're standing or sitting.

ProForm 10.0 CE Elliptical

The ProForm 10.0 CE Elliptical helps you lose weight faster by burning more calories. Here are just some of the great features of this elliptical trainer:

· A stride that easily adjusts between 16-inches to 20-inches to provide you with just the right fit, providing you with variety for your workout routines.

· Features that give a choice of up to nine performance workouts and nine weight-loss workouts so you can obtain your fitness goes more efficiently.

· iFit® Compatible Technology, along with 18 different workout apps for even more variety and interactive abilities.

· Allows you to download personalized routines each day directly to the console of the elliptical machine.

· SpaceSaver design that allows you to fold it up using a one-step process.

· iPod-compatible music port for listening to music or other audio during workouts.

· 18 different levels for digital resistance to bring variety to your exercise routines.

ProForm Machines Make Great Christmas Gifts

Health and fitness are very important topics around the world today. Many people are turning to fitness to obtain the fit bodies they've always dreamed of using natural methods. Treadmills from ProForm offer a natural way to obtain those flat abs and fit glutes you plan to have for 2013. Fitness training is also great for your heart, which keeps your body healthy and strong. Ellipticals offer efficient workouts to keep you healthy. You'll find great deals on ellipticals from ProForm


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