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Professional Vehicle Management With Integrated Electronic Vehicle Record

The fleet management software comm.fleet from community4you GmbH integrates electronic vehicle record for consistent vehicle history documentation

Integrated electronic vehicle records, thanks to their many advantages and their tight integration of all relevant information, have nowadays taken their well-deserved place within the fleet management field and make it possible to access and manage the whole history of a vehicle at the tap of a fingertip.

Whereas paper documents in the past were a more or less comfortable document type, electronic vehicle records are nowadays used consistently to support all phases of vehicle management related business processes and thus need to offer additional functionalities and capabilities not available with conventional paper documents.

An electronic record provides fleet managers and their employees with continuous and up-to-date information about the current vehicle status and their ongoing documentation.
Additionally to up-to-date and transparent information access, an electronic vehicle record offers the advantage of a redundancy-free information management and guarantees that every single information is automatically stored at the right place and streamlined for an effective data retrieval. Every user, depending on their access right, can access the electronic vehicle record with a simple click of the mouse.

The fleet management software comm.fleet by community4you GmbH is a proven market leader and provides fleet managers with the optimal solution for a flexible and thorough professional fleet management and maintenance. Our feature-rich product covers not only all fleet-relevant business processes thanks to more than 20 years practical experience in the field, but integrates as well a complete electronic vehicle record management, encompassing the history of the whole vehicle portfolio and all relevant vehicle information, including automatic interfaces from data providers like such as JATO, Schwacke, Eurotax, Audatex etc.

The document management functions embedded in comm.fleet create enable a perfect administration of all fleet documents and forms. All kinds of digital and paper documents can be easily managed, scanned and archived in comm.fleet and associated with the appropriate electronic data record for quick and effective data retrieval. Of course, all documents can be accessed, viewed and processed transparently within the original application.

Thus, comm.fleet supports not only a full-featured management of the electronic record, but enables as well the easy administration of all vehicle and fleet documents and forms. The electronic record of comm.fleet is therefore more than just a "document collector". It represents the optimal combination of an efficient and integrated electronic archive with a powerful and flexible document management system.

The fleet management software comm.fleet is part of the comm.fleet product line, which consists of the following mutually compatible software applications:
- comm.fleet for fleet management,
- for leasing management,
- comm.object for object management and
- comm.gps for vehicle and object tracking.


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