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There are always debates and arguments regarding the professionalism and seriousness involved in the entire process of consulting.

A sales consultancy ideally should provide analysis and training to professionals and enterprises for improving its sales. The training and responsibilities of a sales consultant depends on the type of consultant: one who advises businesses and other salespeople often has years of experience and training, while one who sells products may not need much training at all to start with. The work environment for both of these careers is generally fast-paced and involves a lot of interaction with people.

There are always debates and arguments regarding the professionalism and seriousness involved in the entire process of consulting. A proper consulting approach requires in-depth study and research of client's business proposition, its current stage and its desired stage.

Then a detailed gap analysis is required at every level of sales process before arriving to a conclusion.

'Waterfall model' is mostly adopted in the entire process. Basically it should cover every stage between 'Contacts' to 'Contracts'.

Most sales systems measure sales activity. They measure number of meetings, number of demonstrations and number of proposals. Advance Selling Skills Academy has launched tools to help you measure the quality of the process and its outcomes. These outcomes are defined as commitments made by the customer (both internal and external).

How do Advance's Sales tools work?

>> A framework that helps individuals excel and facilitates measurement of improvements
>> The sales process through both the selling and buying organisation
>> The generation of sales process road maps
>> Measurement of what the customer is doing
>> The capture and planning of agendas, meetings, commitments and timetables.

The approach equips sales teams and their management to:

>> Manage any complexities in the process
>> Pick up on mandatory steps, especially rigorous qualification throughout the process
>> Structure the sale into an implementable plan
>> Identify resource requirements well in advance
>> Make timely and effective management interventions - before the event
>> Measure effectiveness of the process
>> Redesign the plan as the sale progresses.

In sum, a high quality comprehensive process for sales teams and their management, designed for the real world.


Greater consistency and effectiveness for sales teams and management result in improvements in:

>> Qualification rigour (if you're going to lose, lose quickly)
>> Forecasting accuracy
>> Sales force productivity
>> The performance of average sales people (by following the documented best practice)
>> Working with other functions to progress the sale.

Together these should deliver:

>> Reduced costs of selling
>> Higher win rate
>> Higher sales
>> Higher profits
>> Greater profitability
>> Ability to quit unwinnable bids more quickly
>> Better use of sales, support and other resources

Advance is a sales consultancy that specialises in revitalising every aspect of sales operations. It combines its experience based consultancy, sales methodology and IP with modern training and technology to help clients maximise profitable growth.

How does Advance's consultancy help Sales operations?

>> Business leaders gain control of forecasting and predictability
>> Understand, articulate and sell the company vision.
>> Take advantage of change - it creates needs
>> See the world through their customers' eyes
>> Understand the context of what people really want to buy
>> Align and articulate the offer in the context of the customer's needs
>> Gain customers' commitment to their way forward
>> Manage and work within a sales process.

This is how Advance helps organisations improve their bottom line and gain a competitive edge.

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