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Many newly married young couples are faced with an important decision in their life whether to have a child of their own or not. While a handful may decide against it, many will want a child of their own for many reasons. For all parents to be, selecting the best gynecologist in Dubai to guide them is always a challenge.

A healthy baby is a dream of all parents to be. Dr. Mustafa Ayad founded his practice to assist all parents to be able to achieve their dreams. He set his first steps by founding his own private practice in 1982. He was able to relocate in 2005 and also rename his clinic as the Juneirah American Clinic. He specializes in many areas and offers various services from obstetrics in Dubai, gynecology in Dubai, infertility to pediatrics. His clinic stands out with his dedicated team of medical doctors and nurses and the state-of-the art medical equipment to meet all your needs under one roof.

Dr. Ayad is a well-known and well trusted consultant in Gynecology and Obstetrics. He has been practicing for over 3 decades in Dubai. He is a trained physician from America and holds the American board eligibility. After graduating from the American University of Beirut he completed a post-graduate training at Northwestern University and Harvard Medical School. He has gained years of expertise and handled many obstetrics cases. He is trusted by many to tackle all related issues, included high risk pregnancies. The many patient testimonials speaks for themselves regarding the credibility of Dr. Ayad and his practice in dubai.

This gynecology practice in Dubai has includes all services like colposcopy, prophylactic treatment for cervical and breast cancer, gynecological and laparoscopic surgery and so on. He also has admistting privileges in the major hospitals in the city.

Dr. Ayad keeps up to date on new medical findings and technologies and attends various international and regional conferences. Being a lebanese national with French citizenship Dr. Ayad is fluent in many languages which helps him to get along with his patients and staff.

His laboratory services range from parasitology to pathology. Parents are also comfortable in the pediatrics services provided by his clinic from vaccinations to circumcisions. Parents to be who are struggling to conceive have greatly benefitted from his infertility services. He attends to both male and female infertility issues and also provides treatment for menopause. All these are in additions to the consultancy and services provided related to obstetrics and gynecology all under one roof.

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The Village Center, Jumeirah 1,
1st Floor, Suite 11 B

Phone: +971 (04) 344 4100
Fax: +971 (04) 344 4833

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