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Professional & Comprehensive Hair Restoration & Extension offers professional and comprehensive hair restoration and extension men and women. offers professional and comprehensive hair restoration and extension men and women. They start off new clients with a complementary hair and scalp analysis that include Individual Treatment Plan that offers one or more hair treatment options.

At the facilities mentioned at, patients can receive corrective hair implants, including advanced hair treatment solutions such as the Low Level Laser Light therapy and of course, professional hair extensions. even treats patients with advanced hair loss problems. Such patents are offered a powerful combination of low light laser treatments (LLLT) paired with surgical hair transplantation. Irrespective of the degree of hair loss, the clinic has the best and most professional and comprehensive hair restoration and extension solution to halt thinning hair.

Hair Extension San Jose

The Hollywood movies are full of senior actors with amazing hair looks. In reality, these are all the result of hair extensions. Hair extensions are added strands of human hair that match the natural hair perfectly. The beauty of a hair extension treatment is that you don't see the extensions - you just see great hair.

A hair extension treatment is fantastic for adding fullness, length, versatility and volume to thinning hair. More importantly, it is an affordable technique, is non-surgical and results are truly amazing. The patient can even cut and highlight the hair and change the look which also perhaps explains why actors love it.

The hair extensions allows hair follicles to grow their own hair and do not in any way restrict natural hair growth.

Always select for your hair extension treatment. Avoid salons that offer "bargain" hair extensions. Untrained staff can ruin your scalp. Always visit salons of good repute and known to have trained staff.

At all the staff are not only qualified and trained, they have years of experience. Additionally, Dr. Norton Abramson, M.D., of is a board certified surgeon with over 25 years' experience (over 15,000 successful hair restoration procedures), as a hair transplantation specialist. He has perfected the technique of follicular unit hair transplantation. provides professional quality hair programs, hair systems and Hair Restoration San Jose. If you're interested in improving your hair's appearance with non-medical options, contact us to set up a microscopic hair and scalp examination.

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