Prodivita Delivers Delicious, Healthy and Affordable Proteine Dieet Products in the Netherlands

Prodivita Nederland, through its website, helps dieters in the Netherlands kick-off the New Year with healthy, high protein products.

It is never easy to go on a diet. Many individuals can attest to this fact, especially when on an nutrition plan that does away with the tasty yet unhealthy junk food. Moreover, many diet fads do not deliver the ideal results because they lack in providing the proper nutrition for a balanced diet. Unsurprisingly, many tend to fall short of their promises and plans to stay healthy and keep fit.

Prodivita Nederland endorses the Prodivita protein diet, an eating plan that lets people on a 2, 5 or 10-pound diet achieve their desired health goals with affordable, healthy and delicious food. The Prodivita diet works on principles that have been applied by professional dietitians for over 30 years and followed by thousands of people successfully.

Explained at, the Prodivita dietary protein or proteine dieet is based on natural proteins including dairy-based and soy. It advocates that carbohydrates and fats need to be avoided as much as possible, and focus must be given on increased intake of protein, which are the body's necessary building blocks.

Martin from Eersel from the Netherlands, shares his excitement about the Prodivita protein diet: "I am now on my 5th day on this challenging protein diet and I must say this is great! I would prefer to lose about 14 pounds, and I am now starting to shed the first 4.5! I enjoy the variation of the products, and the taste it all is just excellent."

The success of the Prodivita protein diet is attributed to the ease of use of its ready-made calorie meal products that consist of very high natural protein content in handy packages. The Prodivita meals and snacks come in powder form and in handy little sachets that are not only easy to prepare but also very tasty.

To help people in the Netherlands in their afvallen or slenderizing efforts offers a wide array of products that include protein ice, supplements, shakers, sieges, biscuits, bread and toast, chili and couscous, cereal, desserts, drinks, porridge, omelets, pancakes, pastes, puree and nuggets, bars and soups.

To learn more about the Prodivita protein diet, please visit for additional information.

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