Prodivita Introduces Zesty Orange Flavored Proteine Dieet Multivitamins

Belgium-based, Prodivita adds an exciting new flavor to its protein diet food products by offering multivitamins in zesty orange.

When journeying toward healthy weight loss, people often look for diet plans that do not force them into eating something that is bland in taste. Prodivita, the weight loss company offering a wide range of products based on the scientifically backed protein diet, knows there's more to dieting than just low-carb. It understands that nutritional food products need to taste great too.

Based in Belgium, Prodivita offers food products and supplements that promote successful and healthy weight loss. The proteine dieet producten (protein dieet products), detailed at, consists of delicious and easy-to-prepare biscuits, desserts, sieges, bread, toasts, couscous, porridge, pancakes, bars, soups, cereals, omelets and pancakes.

Rudi K. from Ghent is happy to share his Prodivita diet experience: "I weighed over 100 pounds. After two months in the protein diet, my weight slowly went down. Now that I'm used to it, I would not want to change. The time of the large eating portions is over. The protein diet is easy for me."

To cater to dieters' need for delicious, tasty choices, is now offering protein multivitamins with orange flavor. The new product is designed to support the high-protein, low-carb protein diet as the diet itself doesn't provide the necessary supplement. The Prodivita dieet multivitaminen (dieet multivitamins) with orange flavor ensures that the body continues to function normally, and should therefore be taken supplemental vitamins.

Available in a stick pack, the 5-grams powder simply needs to be placed in 100 ml of water and stirred until completely dissolved. A stick per day provides dieters of 13 essential vitamins that include Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B8, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

The proteine dieet (protein diet) is based on the exclusion of carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats), while incorporating high quality-protein and low-calorie food content As a result, dieters experience a rapid decrease fat storage but without the side effects of hunger or fatigue.

To learn more about the protein diet from Prodivita and its new multivitamins with the zesty orange twist, please visit for information and orders.

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