Prodivita Eiweiss Diaet or Protein Diet Helps Reverse Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

The high-protein, low-carb diet products of leading protein diet advocating company Prodivita is best started after the holiday season.

With the holidays just around the corner, people in Germany look forward to spending quality time with family and friends. Most Germans decorate their homes, wrap gifts, attend church service and visit Christmas markets to prepare luxurious meals. During the holiday season, food indulgence is quite a tradition, and people expect to gain extra pounds as a result. For people who want to get back in shape after the all the happy eating that the season is all about, protein diet is the way to go.

Championing healthy weight loss in Europe, Prodivita promotes the dietary protein or protein diät based on natural proteins, including dairy-based and soy. The company is a leading supplier of ready-made low calorie meals with a very high content of natural protein, coming in easy-to-use, practical packaging.

Martin from Frankfurt in Germany shares his success story with the Prodivita eiweiss diaet: "After just three weeks on the Prodivita diet, I have lost the 8.5kg I used to carry around! I'm doing this slimming action in the form of 4 times 2 weeks, so now I enjoy again a piece of meat or fish in the evening. I'm happy with protein bars; and the bread with tomato, salt, pepper and a little oil I had this morning was delicious! It's pretty easy to maintain, especially if you start well motivated."

After consuming excellent tasting yet highly fattening during the holidays, people can achieve their weight loss goals quickly and permanently with Prodivita. Coming with a scientific background, the Prodivita eiweiss diaet consists of healthy, tasty and cheap slimming products in the form of sieges, breads, cereals, toasts, puddings, drinks, porridge, omelets, pancakes, pastes, purees, nuggets, biscuits, bars, waffles and soups. Protein ice and supplements are also offered via

To find out more about the Prodivita protein diät products that are best post-holiday weight loss efforts, please visit for information.

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