Prodivita Introduces New Appetite Suppressant (Eetlustremmer) Product

Prodivita, a top manufacturer and supplier of high-protein, low-carb diet products, expands its offerings with its new eetlustremmer or appetite suppressant to its selection of weight loss products.

For Belgians who are known for their love for butter, baking margarine and mayonnaise, losing weight in a healthy and sensible manner propose to be a difficult undertaking. There are dieting options out there do help shed off excess pounds, but more often than not, they are quick fixes that harm the body in the long run.

Prodivita, a European company that advocates health and nutrition, puts forward the proteine dieet or dietary protein based on the exclusion of carbohydrates or sugars and lipids or fats. Prodivita manufactures food characterized by high quality protein and extremely low calorie content to ensure a rapid decrease of fat stored - without hunger, fatigue or muscle wastage.

Rudi K. from Ghent, Belgium relates a Prodivita success story: "A complicated fracture had me spending a year on crutches and limited movement. However, I was eating good food that in a short time, I weighed over 100 pounds. After two months of protein / protein diet is my weight slowly went down. Now that I'm used to it, I would not want to change. The time of the seizure and large portions is over. The protein diet is easy for me."

Detailed at, the Prodivita products include protein ice, supplements, protein siege, protein biscuit, protein bread and toast, protein chili and couscous, protein cereal, protein desserts, protein drinks, protein porridge, protein omelets, protein pancakes, protein pastes, protein puree and nuggets, protein bars and protein soups. The Prodivita diet costs less than €2.13 per meal.

Constantly on the quest for effective healthy weight loss alternatives, unveils the new appetite inhibitor product. The great eetlustremmer comes in the form of a stick containing 3 grams of red fruit powder. Flavorful and light, the appetite suppressant is not only great as a supplement to the Prodivita diet but also acts as a way to control hunger.

The newest eetlustremmer product from simply needs to be stirred in 150ml of water until completely dissolved. For maximum effect, dieters should consume 3 sticks per day.

To find out more about Prodivita's latest appetite suppressant product, please visit for information.

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