Expands with New Dutch Language Support for Protein-based Afslanken (Slimming) Products welcomes Dutch-speaking dieters with new language option on the website.

When it comes to slimming, many diet fads out there promise the world. In many cases, however, unproven diet systems can end up harming the body with common side effects such as hunger pangs and a weakened body due to lack of the essential nutrients. More often than not, such diets also require intake of chalk-tasting food and drinks that take the pleasure out of eating. is a leading manufacturer of high-protein, low-carb diet food products. The Belgium-based company advocates the protein diet that that does away with the ill effects of most fad diets, while bringing effective weight loss results in a fast and efficient fashion.

Expanding its reach to offer the effective afslanken (slimming) option, now caters to all Dutch speaking customers with the Dutch language for individuals who are more comfortable with the language. As an added feature on the website, the new Dutch language proves that achieving both ideal weight and better health is possible for all cultures.

Ingmar G. from Flushing, Belgium, enthuses about the Prodivita diet: "I'm targeting to lose 10 pounds. I have started to exercise every day and walk at least half an hour while also on the protein diet - which I found to be very effective. With the Prodivita diet, I can still eat delicious things without immediately having to pay for more pounds. With proper food planning, this thing works very well."

Detailed at, the protein dieet focuses on keeping the body's protein intake high, which is the building block for muscles and tissues, and contributes greatly to protecting the body against diseases. The Prodivita diet is easy to maintain with a wide range of proteine dieet producten that are very tasty and come with high protein content. details the Four Phases Plan of the protein diet. The fastest results are achieved in Phase 1, where 70% of weight loss is achieved, followed by 15% in Phase 2, 10%, in Phase 3 and a further 5% in Phase 4.

To find out more about the Prodivita proteine dieet producten, please visit for information.


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