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Proactive CFOs Brings World-class Accounting Services to Sydney

A CFO has become an essential part of the organisational structure of businesses of all types nowadays. With their role having diversified into various departments and strategy building processes, it has become more difficult to find CFO services

Proactive CFOs & Business Advisors is a Sydney-based financial management and growth firm that offers immaculate, affordable and easy services to businesses ranging from start-ups to well-established companies to not-for-profit organisations. The long more than 40 years of team experience enables the firm to deliver the best accounting solutions, business strategies and solutions to capital raising.

The Principal, Mr. Raman Bhalla and the Director Mr. Vinay Kolhatkar, both are master of their respective trades. Mr. Bhalla has over 17 years of experience in accounting and finance and helping businesses grow, implement internal controls, increase shareholder value, enhancing system efficiency and providing solutions in funding and grants in Australia. Mr. Kolhatkar is the founding Chairman of Great Energy Alliance Corporation and has also served in the past as Head of Private Capital at Commonwealth Bank. With his experience of handling transactions in listed/unlisted equity, private debt, derivatives and bank debt has given him a deep insight into the workings of the corporate financial world.

Proactive CFOs differ from other such firms in carrying out quick yet reliable results in a clear and transparent way. Unlike firms that take all financing data to work in seclusion, Proactive CFOs prefer to keep you updated on every ongoing of your accounts.

Apart from accounting and finance, Proactive CFOs & Business Advisors also offer services in business planning, cloud based solutions, company secretary, board reporting, investor relations, and risk management.

About Proactive CFOs & Business Advisors: If you are in need for part-time or full-time CFOs for business or cloud accounting services in or around Sydney, then Proactive CFOs are the best and safest option. With their guarantee to keep all data safe and secure, and the promise of unmatched services, they have all the qualities to be the CFO outsourcing firm of choice.

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