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Pro-Israel Business Initiative Congratulates President Obama

Israel Basketball Legend Tal Brody, Shop-A-Fada Chair, Wishes President Barack Obama Four More Years of Supporting Israel

"We would like to congratulate President Obama on his re-election as the President of the United States" says Tal Brody, the Honorary Chairman of the Shop-a-fada initiative created to fight back against those who want to destroy Israel. "The friendship between the United States and Israel has existed since the birth of the State of Israel in 1948. We look forward to another 4 years of strong partnership and cooperation".

The United States is Israel's largest trading partner; two-way trade totaled some $25 billion in 2012, up from $12.7 billion in 1997. The principal U.S. exports to Israel include computers, integrated circuits, aircraft parts and other defense equipment, wheat, and automobiles. Israel's chief exports to the U.S. include cut diamonds, jewelry, integrated circuits, printing machinery, and telecommunications equipment.

"While some politicians try to turn support for Israel into a partisan issue" says Mr. Brody, "we know otherwise. The strong strategic and economic connections, as well as the shared values of our societies, are understood by politicians in both the Democratic and Republican parties."

With the recent proposal by the United Nations human rights council to place economic pressure on Israel, Israel looks forward to a strong relationship with the United States under President Obama to stop the economic threats against Israel.

Arik Barel, the creator of Shop-a-fada, and the CEO of JudaicaWebStore.com says "The monetary toll of anti-Israel economic initiatives is by no means negligible, which are nothing short than acts of economic terrorism against Israel. Shop-a-fada allows people all over the world to support Israel so that collectively they can make a huge difference. With the upcoming holiday season upon us, we invite all Israel supporters to purchase Blue and White on www.shop-a-fada.com to help maintain the strong economic partnership between Israel and the United States. "

Shop-a-fada was developed by a team of Israelis who own and operate the websites JudaicaWebStore.com and israzon.com. The sites are today the country's largest online clearinghouse of Israeli manufactured gifts and Judaica offering over 8,000 products manufactured by 120 different Israeli companies, including unique Tallit prayer shawls from Israeli Artists, Special Jewish Jewelry and Unique Kabbalah Bracelets.

"We need international support to win this economic war for the benefit of Israel and the United States so now is the time to help ensure that Israel remains strong and secure" says Brody.

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