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Private Label Yacon Becomes Top Choice for Weight Loss

Nutra Business sees increase in demand for private label yacon.

Nutra Business provides customers with a host of supplements from yacon syrup to testosterone and so much more. This relatively new company is making waves in their industry by providing their customers with high quality products with proven results.

Nutra Business is part of the Boli Naturals Company, which has been operating since 2010. In that short time, Nutra Business has built long lasting business relationships with customers from around the world and is constantly growing on a daily basis.

The company provides a private label service, which enables customers to put their own label and name on the products produced by Nutra Business in their FDA registered and GMP approved facility. The company bases all their products on scientific evidence, using only the highest quality materials to produce superior quality products.

A spokesperson from Nutra Business advised us that the company focusses on three main points; potency, purity and effectiveness. "Our team is dedicated to customer service and we ensure that we constantly exceed our customer's expectations on a daily basis."

According to the company they have seen a significant increase in demand for private label yacon. Yacon syrup is made from the yacon plant, which can be found in the Andes Mountains. This plant has been used by the Andes locals for medicinal purposes for many years and recently was introduced worldwide as an effective weight loss supplement.

Nutra Business told us that what many people don't realize is the health benefits this product provides, it's not only great for weight loss, but it can also be used as a natural sweetener by diabetics, as it helps regulate blood sugars.

The syrup is very thick, rich and sweet and anyone choosing to take it should not exceed three teaspoons per day, whether they take it on its own or in a hot beverage. Nutra Business mentioned that this product helps reduce food cravings and improves digestion. It also improves metabolism, helps the body absorb essential vitamins and minerals and regulates the bacteria in the intestine, which in turn helps with weight loss.

Nutra Business mentioned that their private label yacon is high in demand and they have broken all sales records for this product over the past few years. Based on last year's figures, the company believes that this product will continue to dominate the weight loss industry this year.

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