Pristinet Launches a New Service That Empowers Consumers by Detecting Toxins

Pristinet launches a new service that empowers consumers by detecting toxins in their drinking water linked to Obesity, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Infertility and Cancer

In rolling out the brand new Pristinet service offering after months of market testing, Doug Henston, the CEO of Pristinet said, "Consumers will no longer have to settle for the incomplete and infrequent information on toxic chemicals in their drinking water. Pristinet's new on-demand testing and reporting service offers our customers timely information on toxins linked to specific diseases of primary concern to them - Obesity, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Infertility, and Cancer. Pristinet then recommends the appropriate filters and continues to provide future toxic contamination alerts."

"The recent contamination of drinking water source for 300,000 residents near Charleston, West Virginia was from an accidental toxic chemical spill in the Elk River. It was the worst in US history. It exposed the weaknesses and gaps in regulation of contaminants." said Mr. Henston, "The public has lost its trust in both government and industry to come clean with all the facts. Pristinet's service is intended to remedy this by testing drinking water for toxic contaminants that are neither regulated nor monitored with known adverse health effects. In short, we represent exclusively the health and safety interests of consumers with no conflicts."

Pristinet offers an affordable way for consumers, home buyers, neighborhood associations, school PTAs and employers to test their respective drinking water sources for toxins that are linked to chronic illnesses of widespread concern. Mr. Henston said, "It took us a couple of years to get our arms around the alphabet soup of chemicals and the latest research on their health effects. It required a background in not only the chemistry but the whole ecosystem of government regulations and industry compliance."

"We are not looking to assign blame in any measure, but we, as a nation, have collectively failed to protect the consumers, especially the most vulnerable segments - the pregnant women and the young children. Our service is a game changer. We are trying to help consumers take control and not rely on slow moving regulations that address just 115 or so of contaminants out of 80,000 possible chemicals registered for use by industry. It will take decades, if not centuries for regulations alone to do the job," said Mr. Henston.

"We invite everyone, especially parents with young children, to visit Pristinet's website where a lot of information on toxins is presented for anyone with limited science background to understand and take quick action to safeguard their family's health and continued wellness," said Mr. Henston.

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