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Printed Label Material And Adhesive 101

This 101 describes a guide on an expert view on you need to know for selecting the optimum material and adhesive for your business label printing requirements.

Uncover the best label material and adhesive for your chosen application with this adhesive and materials review.

Premium Paper Labels

The most cost-effective material

These 70gsm wood-free uncoated labels are excellent for normal purpose labelling. The material is a smooth out uncoated paper, appropriate for any indoor and temporary outdoor applications. Available with a enduring or removable adhesive and available to you in over 100 different shapes and sizes. Presented often on A4 sheets for easy application.

Fluorescent Vinyl Labels

Bright material to make your message get noticed

An 80 micron fluorescent coated label that may be best suited for promotional labelling. The material is a smooth waterproof vinyl, ideal for any indoor and outdoor application. With a selection of fluorescent colours generally available to you which includes red, orange, yellow, green and pink to choose from.

Removable Adhesive / Non-Permanent

When you need to have removal after initial

Normally coming with a low tack, this adhesive is perfect for short term promotional use. Labels operating this non-permanent adhesive can be removed after application without leaving any residue on the surface. Chiefly used as the primary option adhesive for book sale labels, charity stickers and any short term labelling. Please note that removable adhesive can become permanent under certain conditions and really should be tested first for any potential issues. This material isn't recommended to be stuck to low energy plastics / surfaces as it might peel off under its own weight.

Matt PE Heavyweight Labels

A high quality thick material with fantastic printing properties

Matt PE heavyweight material is usually a matt white polyethylene film that is water resistant and comes with a long life alternative to paper labels. These labels come with an extra strong permanent marine grade adhesive. If you need to have a label that is particularly long lasting, this is the label for you.

Clear Vinyl Labels

A popular choice for cosmetic & product labels

Clear vinyl labels are typically supplied with a sturdy 80 micron monomeric calendared vinyl suitable for all permanent outdoor labelling applications. With the choice of gloss & matt finishes there exists a label for every use. Provided with a permanent adhesive in a range of different shapes and sizes. It should be noted, these labels are printed using translucent inks, not opaque inks. If clear labels are to be applied on a dark object there is a good possibility the design will NOT show up!

Permanent Adhesive

The most economical and popular adhesive

Permanent adhesive is the most typically used adhesive. Used for all general purpose labelling, the adhesive will fasten your labels completely to almost any surface. Packaging labels, product labels, bag labels are only just a number of the applications for permanent adhesive labels.

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