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Pressley Ridge Awarded Contract for Washington County Diversion Program

Pressley Ridge of Maryland has been awarded a contract to assume operations of the Washington County Diversion Program effective July 1st providing case management, diversion and mentoring services for at-risk youth.

Pressley Ridge of Maryland has recently been awarded the contract to assume operations of the Washington County Diversion Program effective July 1st. The goal of the program is to promote "Children Safe in Their Families and Communities," a Maryland Result for Child Well-Being, by streamlining the point of entry for services for delinquent youth as well as youth for whom a Child In Need of Supervision ("CINS") Petition has been filed. The program will provide case management and diversion services in order to prevent at-risk youth from becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. In addition to these services, the program will provide mentoring services for at-risk youth.

Specific program goals include:

• Reduce the number of first-time juvenile offenders in Washington County from entering the juvenile justice system

• Reduce the recidivism rate for juvenile offenders previously diverted

• Redirect CINS cases in Washington County to community based programs and services prior to entering the juvenile justice system

• Decrease costs of court and juvenile system services in Washington County by diverting/redirecting youth from the system

• Increase mentoring opportunities for at-risk youth

The Washington County Diversion Program is currently located within the Department of Juvenile Services ("DJS") at 44 N. Potomac Street, 3rd Floor, Hagerstown, MD. The program was initiated in 2006 and historically has served between 200 to 300 youth each year.

This Pressley Ridge program is administered by the Washington County Office of Community Grant Management through a grant from Washington County's Local Management Board's Community Partnership Agreement with the Maryland Governor's Office for Children.

About Pressley Ridge

Since 1832, Pressley Ridge, a non-profit organization serving disadvantaged kids and their families, has understood that all children can change and grow and that all families can use support. We help over 5,400 children and families annually through Foster Care Connections, Community-Based Support, Residential Options, and Educational Opportunities, with locations in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, as well as internationally in Portugal and Hungary.

Media Inquiries

For more information about Pressley Ridge or the Washington County Diversion Program in Hagerstown, MD, please contact Mary Beth DeMartino at (301) 724-8413.

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