Yoga Teachers Can Learn How to Help With Yoga as Over 100 Million Americans Live With Chronic Pain

There is a huge amount of folks out there in pain, and serious pain. Through Stephani Sutherland's Neuroscience of Pain Course, yoga teachers, yogic healers, and others will learn how to help this large group of people.

Neuroscience of Pain with Stephani Sutherland, PhD, Soul of Yoga, Sunday, November 8th, 1:45 pm - 5:15 pm, $75, 627 Encinitas Boulevard, Encinitas, Ca, 760-943-7685. Learn more and Sign up Now. This course is the first of the Soul of Body courses where students can take one course or the entire module. 

"Dr. Stephani Sutherland is a gifted teacher, mentor, and writer. She is a natural teacher, able to communicate complicated scientific concepts to students with varied science backgrounds."

—T. Dawn Banker, PhD Associate Clinical Professor and Academic Coordinator, Science Programs Washington State University Vancouver

Over 100 million Americans are living with chronic pain. Safe, effective treatments are hard to come by, but research has shown that yoga can improve life for people with chronic pain conditions. In this workshop, Stephani Sutherland will provide an overview of how people experience pain–from sensory nerves in the skin all the way to the highest brain centers–and how yoga can help alleviate pain and suffering by affecting the nervous system at multiple levels. When a yoga teacher, healer, nurse or others who wish to help people who are in pain have this knowledge things shift. The science is now there to prove how yoga helps. But having the knowledge clearly can help yoga teachers or other professionals individualize care. In addition to lecture and discussion, Stephani will lead participants through two brief asana practices followed by pranayama (seated breathing exercises) intended to demonstrate the energetic effects of the breath, working through the autonomic nervous system. Come with questions about neuroscience or pain for the Q&A afterwards.

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