Yoga and Chiropractic Dubbed the 'Dream Team' for Spinal Best Interest

Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Harris, of Sugar Land Health Center, is advising patients to commit to a combination of chiropractic therapies and yoga for optimal wellness. Studies support the benefits of this double-sided attack on pain.

Back pain, stiffness, and immobility have become major concerns for modern humans. This comes from a lack of exercise,especially during the vital 8 hours of the work day - those which would often be most optimal for activity. Rather than get our 10,000 steps, we are forced to sit at a desk to work from computers, use tablets and smartphones, and generally curve our spines over our work.

To battle this rising epidemic, chiropractors and other wellness advocates have been searching for the magic cure. Medications, injections, and surgeries are all widely used but each brings with it several side effects, risks, and shortcomings. Namely, these methods for pain relief are not as preventative or lasting, causing patients to return with renewed pain. Each of them is more invasive than the last and none of them is as gentle as chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is a great solution because it respects the holistic approach that many patients seek. However, the trouble with chiropractic care is that patients cannot spend every moment of every day at the chiropractor - even if they would like to. Chiropractors must send their patients home, first arming them with the knowledge and skills to live a balanced life. Lifestyle has been found to play a large part in pain causality and pain prevention alike.

To help their patients exercise in a way that is non-invasive and safe, even for patients who are rehabbing injuries or who have lost mobility, chiropractors are turning to yoga. Yoga promotes active breathing and an awareness of one's complete form. Yoga does not focus on the competition or strain that traditional exercise regimens might provoke. Instead, yoga is meant to meet each patient where he or she is, and help them find ways to move forward safely. Yoga is also able to be modified for patients who are not able to move naturally in all ways. A bonus benefit is that yoga is stress relieving so that even patients with asthma concerns or heart conditions are safe to engage in the practice.

Chiropractors like Dr. Harris at Sugar Land Health Center choose yoga as a recommendation for patients because it is holistic and gentle. This work on the mat, plus the work being done at the chiropractor's office, collaborate to have the patient fully aware of his or her unique bodily capabilities and goals. 


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