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The team of unbiased gambling enthusiasts who specialize on casino research and top quality control investigations at shed light on the world's biggest jackpots in the history of gambling ever recorded in World Records Book and now share it with the online casino users and players from all over the world.

​The website that has been launched in order to provide the players with  unbiased facts about the most popular gambling platforms currently available on the web, and help in picking the most reliable and safe, today announces the results of world's biggest jackpots in the history of gambling research at: on the basis of Guinness Book of Records data, analysis of news and other officially related resources.

Casinority is not an ordinary casino consulting and reviewing website. This is a trustful, user-friendly and non-commercial resource that makes analysis of the gambling market and updates the most relevant information which is usually hard to find, gather and process by the users, but is known to be extremely highly sought after. This time, the team of the web site decided to conduct a thorough research about the issue that worries all players from around the globe the most, namely the biggest Jackpots in the history of gambling.

Thus, the results of research were gathered, visualized and published in a form of infographics with the textual explanations in order to make it easy, interesting and effective for the readers to discover the worlds biggest jackpots records, the names of the champions, the games they managed to win at, the amounts in USA dollars or British pounds, and so on, within the gambling history context. Highlighting and distinguishing only the most important events will truly help you to learn the gambling more.

In general, Casinority has managed to find and announce the following information that is now available online: the biggest slots jackpots, the biggest Blackjack and Baccarat winnings, lottery jackpots, jackpots at horse racing, Bingo, sweepstakes, the biggest poker jackpots and the biggest online jackpots ever. A special section is dedicated to poker and the list of Guinness Book of Records' poker championship players, tournaments, chips, game duration, tables and hands played at simultaneously, maximum payouts and many other fabulous facts.

About Casinority: was launched with the mission to research online gambling products, review casinos and games, so that you can feel confident while choosing one of them for personal use and get what is promised from it.  The main goal of Casinority is to prevent you from wasting your time, money and nerves on search of unbiased casino reviews and top places for safe and effective gambling.

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