Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. Prepares for Bahamas Trip

High achievers at Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. were selected to travel to the Bahamas for an end-of-year conference. The company's director of operations shared tips for better business travel.

“My colleagues and I at Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. are excited to announce that our highest performers have qualified to attend the event,” said Lilit, the firm’s director of operations. “They’ve all worked diligently to earn their way to some fun in the sun. I’m honored to have the opportunity to send them.”

According to Lilit, the year-end function provides an excellent platform for the Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. team to network with other leaders in the marketing industry. “We always look forward to industry events because they allow us to exchange insights with our peers and connect with some influential people,” she stated. “These interactions frequently lead to referrals, project collaboration, speaking engagements and more.”

Lilit indicated that team travel also allows the agency’s experts to enhance their relationships. Although some conferences present tight schedules, there is usually opportunity for them to relax and spend time together socially. They get to know one another better, and the shared experience in itself promotes bonding. As a result, they work more cohesively when they return to the office.

"At Wilshine Event Associates, Inc., we travel often,"


Director of Operations

“Of course, the trip to the Bahamas – or any other excursion, really – is a perfect way to reward people for their commitments to the firm,” Lilit added. “In the case of the year-end conference, all expenses are paid and attendees enjoy all the luxury resort has to offer. They truly deserve it.”

Wilshine Event Associates, Inc. Director Shares Valuable Travel Tips

“At Wilshine Event Associates, Inc., we travel often,” Lilit continued. “As a result, we’ve picked up some useful strategies for streamlining the experience. For instance, don’t waste your time checking any baggage. Stick to carry-ons – not so much because the fees are excessive, but because unexpected itinerary changes could mean luggage lands in Houston but you are in Seattle!”

“Also, delays are inevitable,” Lilit concluded. “Bring reading material or some busy work you can complete while you are waiting. Staying occupied will make the ordeal much less excruciating. Be sure to expect such delays as well. Don’t schedule a flight expected to land in your destination 30 minutes before the conference begins. You’ll most likely end up missing an amazing keynote address. Be liberal when it comes to planning, and do your best to roll with the punches.”

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