Walking Dead Actress Emily Kinney Is the New Face for Nikki Rich Spring 2015

The fashion house has hired leading TV star Emily Kinney, 'Beth Greene' on AMC's hugely successful, worldwide hit "The Walking Dead" as the fresh face of the brand.

After selling out at home shopping giant ShopChannel Japan, Mid-West department store Von Maur and Nordstrom.com, Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora, the dynamic designing duo behind the Nikki Rich Clothing label are making plans to debut their Spring 2015 collection.

Back in Los Angeles, after months spent traveling the globe, Nikki Lund opened her studio last week to share some exciting news with friends and fans.

The fashion house is excited to announce that leading TV star Emily Kinney, who plays Beth Greene on AMC’s hugely successful worldwide hit "The Walking Dead" is the fresh face representing the brand for Spring.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Emily recently and we clicked instantly. She has the perfect spirit to be apart of the Nikki Rich brand and we are so glad to have her!"

Nikki Lund

CEO - Nikki Rich

Lund met Kinney at this years iHeartRadio Music Festival Village in Las Vegas, instantly clicking after realizing they shared much in common, music — and of course —a passion for fashion...

Emily Kinney said, "Nikki dressed me for The Walking Dead premiere, I loved all of her designs, I loved her ideas, her taste and style. She has such a great eye. So we decided to work together. I am very excited to be the model for the Nikki Rich spring clothing collection."

Nikki Rich CEO, Nikki Lund said, "I had the pleasure of meeting Emily recently and we clicked instantly. She has the perfect spirit to be a part of the Nikki Rich brand and we are so glad to have her!"

Lund adds, "She is a natural! She looks great in every look. The PERFECT 'Nikki Girl' is young, vibrant and glowing, and Emily Kinney exudes perfection."

The petite blond from Wayne County, Nebraska, has appeared on four seasons of ’The Walking Dead’ now in its fifth season and has created quite a career for herself in the entertainment industry. As well as an actress, Kinney is an accomplished musician currently putting the finishing touches on her second album.

She has been seen in many innovative editorial spreads and on the covers of glossy magazines the world over due to her popularity on the cult hit show.

Kinney's career started in 2007 and has only gained in notoriety and success. The beautiful actress/singer-songwriter chased her dreams all the way to New York where she pursued acting and Broadway. With acting, singing, and now fashion added to her list of accolades we all are looking forward to see what more this multi-talented career girl has in store for us.

Lund added, “She is soft, but bold. And we like her drive and passion. Emily is now the official ‘Nikki Girl’!”

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